Monday, May 15, 2017

FOX's 2017-18 Schedule: Big Bets on Sci-Fi as 'The Gifted' Goes to Mondays and 'The Orville' Debuts on Thursdays

FOX is the second broadcast network this week to reveal its schedule for the upcoming 2017-18 season. Last year was defined by strong ratings from the World Series and Super Bowl. So, how does the network plan to keep things up? Well, here is how they're going to try.

FOX's Schedule for the 2017-18 Season

        7-7:30PM: NFL on FOX
        7:30-8PM: Bob's Burgers (Season 8)
        8-8:30PM: The Simpsons (Season 29)
        8:30-9PM: Ghosted (New Comedy)
        9-9:30PM: Family Guy (Season 16)
        9:30PM: The Last Man on Earth (Season 4)

        8-9PM: Lucifer (Season 3)
        9-10PM: The Gifted (New Drama)

        8-9PM: Lethal Weapon (Season 2)
        9-9:30PM: The Mick (Season 2)
        9:30-10PM: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 5)

        8-9PM: Empire (Season 4)
        9-10PM: Star (Season 2)

        8-9PM: Gotham (Season 4)
        9-10PM: The Orville (New Drama)

        8-9PM: Hell's Kitchen (Season 17)
        9-10PM: The Exorcist (Season 2)

        8-10PM: FOX College Football

Absent from this Schedule: new seasons of New Girl and The X-Files as well as new series L.A. to Vegas and The Resident.

Trailers for the new shows as well as analysis of this schedule will be up later today.