Monday, January 1, 2018

NBC - Upcoming Shows and Pilots

(W: Writer, D: Director, EP: Executive Producer, Co-EP: Co-Executive Producer, P: Producer, SR: Showrunner)


  • Genre: Comedy (Multi-Camera)
  • Logline: Set at the best bar in San Diego, home to good prices, great company and, of course, Abby. This unlicensed, makeshift bar nestled in her backyard is the opposite of everything annoying about today's party scene. There are rules at Abby's: no cell phones (not even to "look something up"), earning a seat at the bar takes time and losing a challenge means drinking a limey, sugary "not-beer" drink. As the oddball cast of regulars will tell you, hanging out at Abby's is a coveted honor. But once you're in, you're family. The show will be shot outside in front of a live audience.
  • Cast: Natalie MoralesNelson Franklin, Jessica Chaffin, Leonard Ouzts, Neil FlynnKimia Behpoornia 
  • Team: W/EP Josh Malmuth; EP Mike Schur, David Miner; D/EP Pamela Fryman
  • Studio: Universal Television, Fremulon, 3 Arts Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2019

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Brilliant former CIA operative Erica Shepherd is now known as the most notorious traitor in American history and serving life in a Supermax prison. Against every fiber of his being but with nowhere else to turn, FBI Agent Will Keaton enlists Shepherd to help track down a fiercely dangerous and elusive criminal she knows all too well. For Keaton, it's not easy to trust the woman who cost him so much. While Shepherd and Keaton have different motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, they both know that to catch a spy: They must think like one.
  • Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Morris Chestnut, Raza JaffreyKelli Garner, Noah Mills 
  • Team: W/EP Ken Woodruff; SR/EP Matt Corman, Chris Ord; EP Vernon Sanders; D/EP Mark Pellington
  • Studio: Universal Television
  • Premieres: 2019

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: The Gilded Age in 1880s New York City was a period of immense social upheaval, of huge fortunes made and lost, and of palaces that spanned the length of Fifth Avenue. Marion Brook is the wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family who will embark on infiltrating the wealthy neighboring family dominated by ruthless railroad tycoon George Russell, his rakish and available son Larry, and his ambitious wife Bertha, whose "new money" is a barrier to acceptance by the Astor and Vanderbilt set. Marian is about to experience a whole new world springing up right outside her front door.
  • Cast:
  • Team: W/EP Julian Fellowes; EP Gareth Neame; D/EP Michael Engler
  • Studio: Universal Television
  • Premieres: 2019

  • Genre: Comedy (Single Camera)
  • Logline: Emet is the perfect mom, boss, wife, friend and daughter. OK, she's not perfect. In fact, she's just figuring it out like the rest of us. Sure, she feels bad when she has a sexy dream about someone other than her husband, or when she pretends not to know her kids when they misbehave in public, or when she uses her staff to help solve personal problems. But that's OK, right? Nobody can have it all and do it perfectly.
  • Cast: Sarayu Blue, Paul Adelstein, Zach CherryJames BuckleyJohnny PembertonAisling Bea, Brian George, Madhur Jaffrey
  • Team: W/EP Aseem Batra; EP Amy Poehler, Dave Becky, Josh Maurer; P Kelly Pancho, Kim Lessing; D/EP Julie Anne Robinson
  • Studio: Universal Television, Paper Kite Productions, CannyLads Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment
  • Premieres: October 4, 2018

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Cassie Bishop was born with a gift, though she may call it a curse. She can see and communicate with the dead, helping them with their unresolved problems - whether she likes it or not. When her longtime friend Detective Tom Hackett and his new partner, former FBI Agent Damien Asante, need help solving a darkly puzzling murder, Cassie agrees to use her abilities. Despite her reluctance, she may have found a way to keep her demons at bay, all while solving some of the city's most challenging cases.
  • Cast: Harriet Dyer, Paul BlackthorneCindy LunaAnne-Marie Johnson, Chad James Buchanan
  • Team: W/EP Moira Kirland; EP David Heyman, Nancy Cotton; D/EP Charlotte Sieling
  • Studio: Universal Television, Heyday Television, NBC International
  • Premieres: 2019

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: When Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely after a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers were relieved. Yet in the span of those few hours, the world had aged five years and their friends, families and colleagues, after mourning their loss, had given up hope and moved on. Now, faced with the impossible, they're all given a second chance. But as their new realities become clear, a deeper mystery unfolds and some of the returned passengers soon realize they may be meant for something greater than they ever thought possible.
  • Cast: Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R. RamirezAthena Karkanis, Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina
  • Team: W/EP Jeff Rake; EP Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke; Co-EP Jackie Levine; D/EP David Frankel
  • Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Compari Entertainment
  • Premieres: September 24, 2018

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer's memoir Twelve Patients: Life & Death at Bellevue Hospital, the brilliant and charming Dr. Max Goodwin is the institution's newest medical doctor who sets out to tear up the bureaucracy and provide exceptional care. He must disrupt the status quo and prove he will stop at nothing to breathe new life into this understaffed, underfunded and under-appreciated hospital - the only one in the world capable of treating Ebola patients, prisoners from Rikers and the President of the United States under one roof - and return it to the glory that put it on the map.
  • Cast: Ryan EggoldJanet MontgomeryFreema Agyeman, Anupam Kher, Tyler LabineJocko Sims 
  • Team: W/EP David Schulner; EP Peter Horton; P Eric Manheimer; D/EP Kate Dennis
  • Studio: Universal Television, Pico Creek Productions
  • Premieres: September 25, 2018

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: The people who reside in a Brooklyn apartment building have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors. Sarah's a nurse and single mom raising a creative teen; Gabe's a young law student with a much older and unexpected roommate; Ava must secure the future of her young, U.S.-born son when ICE comes knocking; Nick's a veteran who's returned from war; and the heart and soul of the building, Ron and Patricia, have captivating tales all their own. These are the hopeful, heartwarming and challenging stories of life that prove family is everything - even if it's the one you make with the people around you.
  • Cast: Lorraine Toussaint, Dominic Chianese, Moran AtiasMichaela McManus, Jerod Haynes, Frankie Faison, Grace Van DienWarren ChristieDaren Kagasoff 
  • Team: W/EP Mike Daniels; EP Jessica Rhoades; D/EP Minkie Spiro
  • Studio: Universal Television
  • Premieres: 2019