Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Starz - Upcoming Shows and Pilots

(W: Writer, D: Director, EP: Executive Producer, Co-EP: Co-Executive Producer, P: Producer, SR: Showrunner)


  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Based on the classic novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, the drama tells the origin story of infamous lovers Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont in the slums of 18th century Paris. It will be told from Merteuil's perspective and is inspired by her line from the novel, "Born to avenge my sex and conquer yours, I have succeeded in inventing strategies for doing so that before me had never been conceived.
  • Cast:
  • Team: W/EP Harriet Warner; EP Colin Callender, Tony Krantz, Christopher Hampton, Bethan Jones, Scott Huff
  • Studio: Lionsgate Television, Playground Entertainment, Flame Ventures
  • Premieres: 2020

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Smart-suited English detective Rob Reilly is dispatched to investigate the murder of a young girl on the outskirts of Dublin with his partner, Cassie Maddox. Against his better judgment and protected by his friendship with Cassie, he is pulled back into another case of missing children and forced to confront his own darkness. As the case intensifies, Rob and Cassie's relationship is tested to the breaking point. When Cassie is sent undercover for another murder case, she is forced to come face to face with her own brutal reckoning. Based on the novels by Tana French.
  • Cast: Killian Scott, Sarah Greene, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Moe Dunford, Leah McNamara, Ian Kenny, Eugene O'Hare, Jonny Holden, Conleth Hill, Peter McDonald
  • Team: W/EP Sarah Phelps; EP Kate Harwood, Noemi Spanos, Alan Gasmer, Peter Jaysen, Ed Guiney, Elizabeth Kilgarriff; D/EP Saul Dibb
  • Studio: Euston Films, Veritas Entertainment Group, Element Pictures
  • Premieres: November 10, 2019

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Set in a close-knit Georgia community, two brothers and rivals war over their late father's legacy - a family-owned wrestling promotion. In the ring, somebody must play the good guy and somebody must play their nemesis, the heel. But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live up to - or hard to leave behind.
  • Cast: Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig 
  • Team: W/EP Michael Waldron; SR/EP Mike O'Malley; EP Julie Yorn, Chris Donnelly, Patrick Walmsley
  • Studio: Lionsgate Television, Paramount Television, LBI Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2020

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Jackie Quinones is a lesbian National Marine Fisheries Services officer, happy to use her gun and badge to pick up tourist chicks in "P-Town" - the gay mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts. But when she finds a body washed up on the beach - collateral damage of the opioid epidemic - her life begins to circle the drain. As she faces her own addictive behaviors, she becomes increasingly obsessed with solving the murder. She is forced to confront the dark side of the idyllic summer spot - all the while putting herself and her sobriety in danger.
  • Cast: Monica Raymund, James Badge Dale, Riley Voelkel, Shane Harper, Atkins Estimond, Amaury Nolasco, Dohn Norwood
  • Team: W/EP Rebecca Cutter; SR/EP Gary Lennon; EP Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Kristie Anne Reed; D/EP Rachel Morrison
  • Studio: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
  • Premieres: 2019

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: Set down deep in the Mississippi Delta, where lies an oasis of grit and glitter in a rough patch of human existence where beauty can be hard to find. The southern-fried drama tells the kaleidoscopic story of a little-strip-club-that-could and the big characters who come through its doors - the hopeful, the lost, the broken, the ballers, the beautiful and the damned. Trap music meets film noir in this lyrical and atmospheric series that dares to ask what happens when small-town folk dream beyond the boundaries of the Piggly Wiggly and the pawnshop.
  • Cast: Brandee Evans, Nicco Annan, Shannon Thornton, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Carolyn Braver, Parker Sawyers, Elarica Johnson, Harriett D. Foy, Tyler Lepley, Dan J. Johnson, Isaiah Washington (recurring), Loretta Devine (recurring), Thomas Q. Jones (recurring)
  • Team: W/EP Katori Hall; Co-EP Patrik-Ian Polk; CP Khaliah Neal; D/EP Karena Evans
  • Studio: Chernin Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2019


  • Genre: Comedy (Single Camera)
  • Logline: A dysfunctional family moves from the city to a small town house in which terrible atrocities have taken place. But no one seems to notice except for Pat, the mom, who's convinced she's either depressed or possessed - turns out, the symptoms are exactly the same. Everyone has their demons - but are Pat's real? Or is this the portrait of a typical family torn apart by mental illness? Done in a funny, scary way.
  • Cast:
  • Team: W/EP Sharon Horgan, Jeff Astrof; EP Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Clelia Mountford
  • Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Lionsgate Television, Kapital Entertainment, Merman, Other Shoe Productions
  • Notes: