Friday, August 27, 2021

Thursday Ratings - 'Big Brother,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' 'Making It' Finale, 'Coroner,' 'The Outpost' and More!

On August 26, 2021, CBS' Big Brother was the highest rated show on broadcast television with a 0.99 - followed by NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.40), the repeat of ABC's Holey Moley (0.37), the repeat of FOX's MasterChef (0.35) and the finale of NBC's Making It (0.33).

The Broadcast Ratings for Thursday, August 26 

NOTE: For the 2020-21 broadcast season, Nielsen has determined that there are 121 million TV households in the United States - with 307.9 million people ages 2 and up. The numbers above provide a snapshot of how shows performed at a specific time on a specific platform. These figures don't tell the full story of how a program is performing overall for its entertainment company.