Saturday, January 1, 2022

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(W: Writer, D: Director, EP: Executive Producer, Co-EP: Co-Executive Producer, P: Producer, SR: Showrunner)

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: An ordinary person gets caught up in an extraordinary situation, with the narrative ultimately revealing how one wrong turn leads to another, until it's too late to turn back. Based on the BBC anthology series of the same name.
  • Cast: Michael Chiklis, Jill Hennessy, Oakes Fegley, Robert Wisdom, Whitney Cummings, Abigail Breslin, Aisha Dee, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Wendell Pierce, Karen LeBlanc, Stephanie Nogueras, Megan Boone, Aaron Ashmore, Joshua Castille, Lauren Ridloff, Jean-Michel Le Gal, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Margo Martindale, Molly Parker, Rachel Bilson, Jack Davenport, Reid Miller, August Maturo, J. Harrison Ghee, Ian Anthony Dale
  • Team: W/EP Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, David Shore; EP Glenn Geller, Erin Gunn, Jacob Cohen-Holmes, Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams, Roxy Spencer; D/EP Michael Cuesta
  • Studio: Fox Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, All3Media America
  • Premieres: 2023

  • Genre: Drama
  • Logline: When police officer Nikki Parker's son goes missing, she joins the LAPD's Missing Person's Unit to help other people find their loved ones, even as she searches for her own. Six years later, her world is turned upside-down when her ex-husband, Devon Zoellner, shows up with a proof-of-life photo of their missing boy. Or is it? The series is a procedural drama with a search for a missing person in each episode, that runs alongside the overarching storyline of Nikki and Devon's quest to find out the truth about the person claiming to be their long-lost son.
  • Cast: Dania Ramirez, Scott Caan 
  • Team: W/EP John Eisendrath; EP Jamie Foxx, Datari Turner
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Television, Fox Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2023

  • Genre: Comedy (Single Camera)
  • Logline: The lives of a group of Animal Control workers are complicated by the fact that animals are simple, but humans are not.
  • Cast:
  • Team: W/EP Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, Dan Sterling
  • Studio: Fox Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2023

  • Genre: Comedy (Animated)
  • Logline: Marvin Flute might be the greatest detective ever to catch a cannibal clown or correctly identify a mid-century modern armoire. But there's one mystery he still can't crack: his family. Now that he's back in Grimsburg, a town where everyone has a secret or three, Flute will follow every lead he's got to redeem himself with the ex-wife he never stopped loving, even if it means hanging out with the son he never bothered to get to know.
  • Cast: Jon Hamm
  • Team: W/Co-EP Catlan McClelland, Matthew Schlissel; SR/EP Chadd Gindin; EP Jon Hamm, Gail Berman, Hend Baghdady, Connie Tavel
  • Studio: Fox Entertainment, Bento Box Entertainment, The Jackal Group
  • Premieres: 2023

  • Genre: Comedy (Animated)
  • Logline: Set in mythical ancient Greece, a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters tries to run one of the world's first cities without killing each other.
  • Cast: Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Hannah Waddingham, Pam Murphy, Duncan Trussell
  • Team: W/EP Dan Harmon; SR/EP Jordan Young
  • Studio: Fox Entertainment, Bento Box Entertainment
  • Premieres: 2023