TV Premiere Dates

Can't keep track of when all the new and returning shows are set to begin? Well, TV-Recaps-Reviews has compiled this list of premiere dates which will constantly be updating as new information is released by the broadcast networks, basic cable, pay cable and streaming outlets.

Sunday, July 21
  • 9PM: Big Brother (CBS, Time Slot Debut); Snowpiercer (AMC)
Monday, July 22
  • 8PM: All American: Homecoming (The CW, Time Slot Debut)
  • 9PM: 61st Street (AMC)
Wednesday, July 24
  • Time Bandits (AppleTV+, Weekly Release)
Thursday, July 25
  • The Decameron (Netflix, Binge Release); Troppo (Amazon & Freevee, Binge Release)
Friday, July 26
  • 8PM: Paris Summer Olympics: Opening Ceremony (NBC)
Monday, July 29
  • Futurama (Hulu, Weekly Release)
Thursday, August 1
  • A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (Netflix, Binge Release); Unstable (Netflix, Binge Release)
Wednesday, August 7
  • 8PM: Let's Make a Deal Primetime (CBS)
Thursday, August 8
  • The Umbrella Academy (Netflix, Binge Release)
Sunday, August 11
  • SEAL TEAM (Paramount+, Weekly Release)
  • 9PM: Industry (HBO)
Monday, August 12
  • Solar Opposites (Hulu, Binge Release)
Wednesday, August 14
  • Bad Monkey (AppleTV+, Weekly Release)
Thursday, August 15
  • Bel-Air (Peacock, Weekly Release); Emily in Paris (Netflix, Binge Release)
Thursday, August 22
  • Reasonable Doubt (Hulu, Weekly Release)
Friday, August 23
  • Pachinko (AppleTV+, Weekly Release)
Tuesday, August 27
  • Only Murders in the Building (Hulu, Weekly Release)
Thursday, August 29
  • Kaos (Netflix, Binge Release); The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon, Weekly Release)
Friday, August 30
  • 9PM: Inside the NFL (The CW)
Sunday, September 1
  • 8PM: The Chosen (The CW)
Monday, September 2
  • 10PM: English Teacher (FX, Back-to-Back Episodes)
Wednesday, September 4
  • Slow Horses (AppleTV+, Weekly Release); Tell Me Lies (Hulu, Weekly Release)
Thursday, September 5
  • Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist (Peacock, Binge Release); The Perfect Couple (Netflix, Binge Release)
Friday, September 6
  • 8PM: Power Book II: Ghost (Starz, Midseason Return); Whose Line Is It Anyway? (The CW)
Sunday, September 8
  • 8PM: Universal Basic Guys (FOX)
Monday, September 9
  • 9PM: My Brilliant Friend (HBO)
Thursday, September 12
  • Emily in Paris (Netflix, Midseason Return, Binge Release)
  • 10PM: The Old Man (FX, Back-to-Back Episodes)
Friday, September 13
  • How to Die Alone (Hulu, Weekly Release)
  • 10PM: Three Women (Starz)
Sunday, September 15
  • Tulsa King (Paramount+, Weekly Release)
  • 8PM: The 76th Primetime Emmy Awards (ABC)
Tuesday, September 17
  • 8PM: Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
  • 10PM: American Sports Story: Aaron Hernandez (FX, Back-to-Back Episodes); High Potential (ABC)
Wednesday, September 18
  • Agatha All Along (Disney+, Weekly Release)
  • 8PM: The Golden Bachelorette (ABC); Survivor (CBS)
Thursday, September 19
  • Frasier (Paramount+, Weekly Release)
Friday, September 20
  • 9PM: 20/20 (ABC)
Saturday, September 21
  • 9PM: 48 Hours (CBS, Two Hours)
Sunday, September 22
  • 7PM: 60 Minutes (CBS)
  • 8PM: Matlock (CBS); Rescue: HI-Surf (FOX)
Monday, September 23
  • 8PM: 9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX); The Voice (NBC)
  • 10PM: Brilliant Minds (NBC); Rescue: HI-Surf (FOX, Time Slot Debut)
Tuesday, September 24
  • 8PM: Murder in a Small Town (FOX)
Wednesday, September 25
  • 8PM: Chicago Med (NBC); The Masked Singer (FOX)
  • 9PM: Chicago Fire (NBC); The Floor (FOX)
  • 10PM: Chicago P.D. (NBC)
Thursday, September 26
  • Nobody Wants This (Netflix, Binge Release)
  • 8PM: 9-1-1 (ABC); Hell's Kitchen (FOX)
  • 9PM: Crime Scene Kitchen (FOX); Doctor Odyssey (ABC)
  • 10PM: Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Friday, September 27
  • 9PM: Dateline (NBC)
Sunday, September 29
  • 7PM: America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
  • 8PM: The Simpsons (FOX)
  • 8:30PM: Universal Basic Guys (FOX, Time Slot Debut)
  • 9PM: Bob's Burgers (FOX); The Summit (CBS); The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (AMC)
  • 9:30PM: Krapopolis (FOX)
Tuesday, October 1
  • 8PM: Accused (FOX); The Voice (NBC)
  • 9PM: Murder in a Small Town (FOX, Time Slot Debut)
  • 10PM: The Irrational (NBC)
Wednesday, October 2
  • 8PM: Sullivan's Crossing (The CW)
  • 9PM: Joan (The CW)
Thursday, October 3
  • Heartstopper (Netflix, Binge Release)
  • 8PM: Law & Order (NBC)
  • 9PM: Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
  • 10PM: Found (NBC)
Monday, October 7
  • 8PM: Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (ABC); Scrabble (The CW)
  • 9PM: Press Your Luck (ABC); Trivial Pursuit (The CW)
Wednesday, October 9
  • 9:30PM: Abbott Elementary (ABC)
  • 10PM: Scamanda (ABC)
Friday, October 11
  • Disclaimer (AppleTV+, Weekly Release)
Monday, October 14
  • 8PM: NCIS (CBS)
  • 9PM: NCIS: Origins (CBS, Back-to-Back Episodes)
Tuesday, October 15
  • 8PM: FBI (CBS)
  • 9PM: FBI: International (CBS)
  • 10PM: FBI: Most Wanted (CBS)
Wednesday, October 16
  • 9:30PM: The Summit (CBS, Time Slot Debut)
Thursday, October 17
  • 8PM: Georgie & Mandy's First Marriage (CBS); Superman & Lois (The CW)
  • 8:30PM: Ghosts (CBS)
  • 9PM: Matlock (CBS, Time Slot Debut)
  • 10PM: Elsbeth (CBS)
Friday, October 18
  • 8PM: Happy's Place (NBC); Shark Tank (ABC); S.W.A.T. (CBS)
  • 8:30PM: Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC)
  • 9PM: Fire Country (CBS)
  • 10PM: Blue Bloods (CBS)
Monday, October 21
  • 8PM: The Neighborhood (CBS)
  • 8:30PM: Poppa's House (CBS)
Thursday, October 24
  • That '90s Show (Netflix, Midseason Return, Binge Release)
  • 9PM: The Librarians: The Next Chapter (The CW)
Sunday, October 27
  • 8:30PM: Tracker (CBS)
  • 9:30PM: The Equalizer (CBS)
Sunday, November 10
  • 8PM: Yellowstone (Paramount Network, Midseason Return)
Tuesday, November 12
  • 8PM: St. Denis Medical (NBC, Back-to-Back Episodes)
Wednesday, November 13
  • 9PM: Children Ruin Everything (The CW)
Thursday, November 14
  • Cross (Amazon, Binge Release)
Friday, November 15
  • Cobra Kai (Netflix, Midseason Return, Binge Release)
Sunday, November 17
  • Landman (Paramount+, Weekly Release)
Tuesday, November 19
  • Interior Chinatown (Hulu, Binge Release)
  • 8:30PM: Night Court (NBC)
Friday, November 22
  • 8PM: Outlander (Starz, Midseason Return)
Friday, January 17
  • Severance (AppleTV+, Weekly Release)