Friday, October 28, 2011

'The Good Wife' Reviews - Episodes 3.03-3.05

        I'm sure all of you faithful readers have been asking yourself a question: Where have I been for almost all of October?
        In that time frame, I have missed recapping three episodes of The Good Wife. These episodes had parts that I thoroughly enjoyed and parts that I absolutely hated. Below are my thoughts as well as my grades on these three episodes.

        Episode 3.03 "Get a Room" - Alicia and Will have to reserve a hotel room when a case, against a woman from Will's past, receives court-ordered mediation and requires them to work overtime. Meanwhile, Eli gets some bad press when he and Diane take on the job of helping a cheese guild do damage control on a poisoning scare.
        The case of this episode that shaped the majority of the episode was so different in setup that I found it hard to get into and completely comprehend. I was expecting a bigger connection/moment from the mediator but I was unfortunately disappointed. Despite never having watched an episode of House, I was expecting a little bit more from Lisa Edelstein in her debut episode. The real highlight of this episode came from the interactions between Diane and Eli. They are so stubborn in their ways that they want their way to be what is done while the other sits back and listens to them.

        Episode 3.04 "Feeding the Rat" - Alicia takes on a pro bono case where the witness quickly becomes the prime suspect, but it's Lockhart & Gardner that may be in the most jeopardy, as Will and Diane consider their futures as well as the firm's direction.
        I loved the case of this episode in which we knew that the suspect was innocent but the firm had to prove it. However, its conclusion felt so minor and swept under the rug that it really bugged me. I also enjoyed the increased focus on Diane and am intrigued to see where the story of adding that new aspect to the firm (and Romany Malco) goes.

        Episode 3.05 "Marthas and Caitlins" - When Alicia's key witness in a case commits suicide, she must turn to the only person whose testimony can salvage the case: murderer Colin Sweeney. Meanwhile, Eli makes some big moves on Peter's behalf.
        This episode made me fall in love with this series again. The last few episodes didn't quite live up to expectations. Dylan Baker's return as the creepy Colin Sweeney lived up to his past performances. I was literally on the edge of my seat not knowing what would happen to his character and that made for some great entertainment. I also thought it was a wonderful creative decision for Alicia to become a mentor to a younger new employee. I'm looking forward to see how that relationship will shape up. The case of the week did allow for some great speeches/moments from Diane and Celeste but the cases from this season have yet to fully enthrall me.