Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Law & Order: SVU' Review - 13.14 Home Invasions

        In the newest episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU, a gunman storms a family's home, killing the parents and leaving their teenage daughter in critical condition. When a hate crime investigation turns into a dead end, Benson and the SVU detectives struggle to find a motive for such violence. The clues lead to a surprising revelation about Detective Rollins, which threatens her future in the Special Victims Unit.

        After an intense, Benson-centric episode, Law & Order: SVU returned this week with an hour that shed more light on Kelli Giddish's Detective Amanda Rollins and let more of the supporting players shine.
        Some of the episode best moments came in the interactions between Rollins & Cragen and Rollins & Fin. Throughout the course of this season, Rollins and Fin have formed a solid partnership that could be likened to a brother-sister dynamic. Out of the new additions this season, the audience really hasn't really warmed up to Amanda Rollins due to nothing truly compelling revealed from her backstory. Not so in this episode where it is revealed that Rollins has a gambling problem that has only escalated with her move to the big city. Fin gently pushed her to confessing the problem to the captain and he in turn was understanding yet firm as he connected her issues to those of his former alcoholism. He got her into a program which should hopefully add some much needed depth to her character going forward.
        While Rollins, Fin and Cragen were dealing with those issues and busting a gambling ring, Detectives Benson and Amaro were trying to find the truth of what happened in the home invasion case. While the case had plenty of twists and turns to it, it really did become more understated to the whole Rollins development. It turned out that the former nanny and her brother did it to stop the father from sexual assaulting his daughter and the daughter knew about it the entire time. What a soapy story we have here, isn't it?

Side Notes
  • When was the last time we had a good dose of Munch in an episode?
  • Did I see a little glimpse of Stabler in Amaro as he used religion to elicit the confession?