Friday, February 17, 2012

'Private Practice' Review - 5.15 You Break My Heart

        In the newest episode of ABC's Private Practice, Cooper and Charlotte take Erica to Seattle Grace to meet with Derek, Lexie and Amelia regarding a very risky surgery; Scott tells Violet that he wants to take their relationship to the next level; and Addison finds herself caught in the middle of Sam and Jake's fight over a patient. Meanwhile, Sheldon warns Sam to be cautious as he deals with his sister's return.

        As usual, Charlotte and Cooper were the highlight of this episode which focused on the brain operation on Erica in the conclusion to a special crossover event with parent-show Grey's Anatomy. The stable couple had a multitude of solid scenes as they dealt with their surroundings. Charlotte especially shined during the scene with Erica about her wishes for Mason's future and how to be his mother and her breakdown before telling Mason the details of Erica's brain tumor. I'm sure many thought that the series would kill Erica off with this story line thus making Charlotte and Cooper immediate parents to this child. However, that is not what happened at all. Erica survived the "impossible" surgery and will now make the journey through recovery. This is a nice twist but I now wonder what else they can do with this weird family unit that doesn't feel forced.
        Addison took to the background for this episode - offering only the opening and closing insight (which has really become too forced as the technique has been dragged out over the season) and was caught in a small fight with Sam and Jake. Pretty much Sam and Jake had the same patient but didn't know it and her heart condition was effecting her baby's health as well as her own. In short, the baby lives and the mother dies. This entire situation causes Jake to ask Addison if there is more than a physical attraction between them and she says yes which should make things very interesting between them in the final leg of the season.
        Sam also had to deal with a more "normal" version of his sister. In a therapy session, Sheldon became a little patronizing towards her and that got to Sam, who later in the hour had a total yelling session at her. It was all very powerful and I am glad to see Corinne as observant person instead of a slow, heavily-medicated one. Both would be great stories but the first would be a better testament to Anika Noni Rose's capabilities.

Side Notes:
  • Violet wasn't really annoying in this episode. I just wish that things would become more definitive between her & Scott and her & Pete.
  • Mason felt whiny and annoying after Erica told him the truth but it got better as the hour progressed with diminishing screen time. 
  • Derek really was the only factor from Grey's Anatomy here. Yes, Lexie appeared as well but all she really did was yell out blood pressure numbers.