Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Dallas' Review - 1.05 Truth and Consequences

        In the newest episode of TNT's Dallas, tension mounts between newly-weds, Christopher and Rebecca; family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed; Ann seeks help from someone in her past in order to thwart J.R. schemes; and Christopher decides it is time to fight dirty.

        This was probably the best episode of Dallas since the pilot. It was pretty much the culmination of everything that has happened so far on the series as J.R. officially gained control of Southfork. The reveal of all of the scheming from the first four episodes really revitalized the charisma of the Christopher, Bobby and Ann characters. Now that they know what has been going on hopefully we can enjoy more of the soap twists and turns from both sides.
        This was also both Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher) and Julie Gonzalo's (Rebecca) strongest episode of the series so far. Beforehand they were the two characters that I liked the least as they weren't as entertaining to watch as the rest of the cast. Rebecca hadn't been given a substantial amount of scene presence while Christopher was so often saddled with the terribly boring alternative energy dialog. There is still more to be desired from Jesse Metcalfe's performance but unlike the past four episodes I was intrigued to see where his character was going during this hour. Unlike Metcalfe, Gonzalo really shined in the first half of this episode as she dealt with the fallout of revealing that Tommy and her were trying to con the family out of money. Their story is far from over and I'm interested to see how they will continue to factor into the family dynamics moving forward.
        This episode also introduced us to Ann's ex-husband, Harris Ryland, who also happens to be in charge of a trucking company that J.R. is using for his oil drilling on Southfork. This does feel a little coincidental but Ann has been a fantastic new character that I'm glad we will be seeing more of her past.
        "Marta" continues to be the biggest risk moving forward if John Ross and J.R.'s plan will stay as is. The show continues to be building her up and sooner or later she is going to blow. When John Ross threatened her, all I could think was "John Ross, you're messing with the wrong woman." Other than that, John Ross wasn't given much to do in this hour, but he was the center of the episode's cliffhanger as Christopher blackmailed him to reveal J.R.'s involvement with the initial sale of Southfork.

So what did everyone think about the fifth episode? Intrigued by Ann's past? Sad that there wasn't any Sue Ellen, again? Share your thoughts in the comments.