Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Dallas' Finale Review - 1.10 Revelations

        On the season finale of TNT's Dallas, family bonds bring the Ewings together as a loved one faces a medical crisis; Christopher and Elena learn that not everyone is who they appear to be, including the people closest to them; and long buried secrets are revealed as the past rears its ugly head.

        This was definitely the strongest episode of the first season of TNT's revived version of Dallas. It wrapped up all of the main subplots from throughout the season while still offering up many shocking reveals and smart teases for the upcoming second season.
        The biggest reveal at the end of the finale was that Rebecca is actually the daughter of Ewing rival, Cliff Barnes. This was a fantastics finale reveal and is now probably the facet that I'm most looking forward to as we move into the second season. This was Julie Gonzalo's strongest performance this season because she was able to go into a more dark place. The aftermath of killing Tommy definitely made an impact on the character and no matter how hard and ruthless she will become moving forward, his death will weigh heavily on her.
        But moving back to the start of the episode, it was revealed that Bobby survived the brain aneurysm that closed out the penultimate episode and was soon (did his recovery happen to quickly?) back at Southfork enjoying life. But before he woke up, we had to witness J.R. saying to an unconscious Bobby that he loved him and his life would have no purpose without him - which further proved his humanity. Other than that moment, it was a rather quiet finale for J.R. but with the increased strength from the rest of the cast it wasn't as noticeable as past episodes this season.
        Elsewhere Sue Ellen decided to stay in the race for governor after Ann went to Harris' office and - in what will most likely be one of the most memorable moments from the season - coerced him into saying the truth on tape and then punched him right in the face. Ann has been one of the most well-rounded characters throughout the season and her actions and words struck home as she proved how strong and powerful a character she is.
        Lastly, the Rebecca-Christopher-Elena-John Ross love quadrangle took many more twists and turns. After creating peace in the family in the last episode with the creation of Ewing Energies, John Ross proposed to Elena, she said yes, than learned the truth about his involvement with the conspiracy to steal Southfork and left him to sleep with Christopher after he learned that Rebecca wasn't Tommy's sister and threatened her with the custody of the children. So much happened but it all effectively led up to the finale scene where a pissed John Ross affirms to J.R. to learn all the dark tricks he knows in order to take control of the company away from Christopher and Elena.

So what did everyone think of the season finale? Which was the better moment Ann punching Harris in the face or the closing reveal about Rebecca? Share your thoughts in the comments.