Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Grimm' Review - 2.05 The Good Shepherd

        On the time slot premiere of NBC's Grimm, a local Reverend reports a robbery at his church; Nick learns it's a Wesen church and enlists Monroe to check for any suspicious activity amongst the flock; and Nick and Juliette continue to figure out the rules of their relationship as a dangerous creature lurks in the shadows.

        Grimm's second season finally returned after a few weeks hiatus from its brief test run on Monday nights this summer and it returned to its regular Friday night time slot. All of this had me excited that the show would return with a bang but unfortunately it came back with a whimper.
        This episode focused almost too heavily on the case of the week which has been either hit or miss for this show since it started. Tonight's case was definitely a major miss. The best episodes that feature the case predominately are the runs where they were inspired by a classic story but they put a nice creative twist on things. In tonight's episode, the story in the hour was exactly the same as the one that the opening quote was taken out of. The case was terribly boring, unoriginal and predictable. It was very obvious that the reverend was behind everything but it took so long to get to that conclusion that it really squandered the amount of reactionary time the other characters could have. Much of the episode also focused on the main characters of the case. There was actually a span of time where it felt like 5 minutes had passed since we last saw Nick. Now, David Giuntoli is not the best actor in this cast but he is the lead performance and up to this point in the series he is the main person to follow for the majority of the time in each episode. Thusly, tonight's episode was weird to see him disappear for awhile and then have him pop up for a few scenes in the also troublesome subplots. I mean what was the point of the Nick and Juliette discussion? To confirm that they will still live together?
        In the last episode before the hiatus, they built up the horse-like Wesen creature as this big and calculating villain, carefully observing his prey before he attacks. In this episode, he proves to be totally inept and disappointing as an overall character and a larger threat than what this show has produced in the past. The stuff he was doing in this episode barely had any kinds of tension and his untimely end was very anticlimactic. Plus he didn't even have any lines!
        Overall, Silas Weir Mitchell had a few good moments in this episode - the digital clock moment was so wonderful - but it was definitely the weakest one so far in season two.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Was the episode a major disappointment to you? Happy that the show is back on Fridays? Share your thoughts in the comments.