Friday, October 12, 2012

'Grimm' Review - 2.07 The Bottle Imp

        On the newest episode of NBC's Grimm, clues from a grisly murder lead Nick and Hank to a seemingly unstable father (Josh Stewart), who is on the run with his daughter, and an even larger conspiracy; Monroe finds out that filling in for Rosalee at the spice shop isn't as simple as he'd hoped it would be; and Captain Renard finds himself paying unwarranted attention to more than one woman from his past.

        This was a rather strange episode of Grimm. I say that because it was yet another one where the case-of-the-week was the predominant focus and I did love the moments where the main characters were reacting to all of the details but didn't find the case or its players that engaging. It wasn't as annoying or as distracting as the case from two weeks ago but it wasn't unique and was predictably plotted.
        But my disappointment for the main case is remedied by how fantastic other moments in the hour were. The scene where Hank and Nick are in the trailer was so great and further built on this much more interesting and dynamic relationship between the two this season. It's also nice to see that the show's creative minds still are away of everything that has happened in the past even though it's very likely that the audience has forgotten many episodic details. I say that in terms of Hank seeing the gun and confronting Nick about the events in the Game Ogre episode from early last season. As soon as Hank starting talking about it, I vaguely remember it happened but couldn't recall every intricate detail about that episode's story. But I didn't really needed to remember everything because that moment touched on the past but was more about the two of them in the present. Their dynamic has wonderfully changed from the thing I dreaded the most about this show into one of things I'm really liking.
        Monroe may have been operating in his own little world in this episode but dang he is still a highly entertaining part of this show. His story was meant to be the more comedic and light moments of the overall episode. In that respect, those scenes worked as Silas Weir Mitchell always gives an enthusiastic freshness in his line delivery that makes people forget that he didn't interacting with anyone else in the whole hour.
        Yet again, we are subjected to many teases as to what is to come with Captain Renard and his overall mystery and connections to other characters. This episode marked the return of - the newly minted series regular - Claire Coffee as Adalind but she only popped up to offer a sly tease to Renard. I am still desperately waiting for an episode that has Renard as a major focus where we actually see the consequences of him waking up Juliette as well as his life as a royal.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Glad to see Adalind again? Do you just want some answers with Renard yet? Share your thoughts in the comments.