Friday, October 5, 2012

'Parks and Recreation' Review - 5.03 How A Bill Becomes a Law

        On the newest episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation, Leslie negotiates with her fellow councilmen to pass a new law extending the community pool hour; Chris comes up with a new idea to solve people's problems around the city and has Ron go fill a pothole for a local mom (Lucy Lawless); and Ben and April decide to take a road trip to visit Leslie and Andy.

        This episode was pretty simple in its set up of three stories of opposite duos interacting. It allowed for each story to have an equal amount of time and laughs. This was probably the most laugh-out-loud episode the show has produced this season so far. It was because of that simplicity and mismatched pairings that made this episode a huge success.
        The main plot followed Leslie and Tom as she tries to pass a bill for the community pool and continues to move into the real world of how politics works. They interactions in the past haven't really been highlighted as much but when they are paired together it is priceless. Plus, the perm sight gag just kept getting better every time that it kept popping up on the screen. However, I am less sure about the new councilman character who was the main antagonist - he felt a little too self-obsessed and blunt and didn't quite feel natural to the overall episode.
        This episode also marked the first appearance of Lucy Lawless as a new love interest for Ron and she was interested so naturally and fit so well into the show's tone and to what Ron Swanson associates with the perfect women. Their interactions were great and I can't wait to see where the show takes them in future episodes.
        The third plot followed Ben and April in DC as they tried to get away to Pawnee for the weekend. It was the most simplistic of the stories in that it didn't have any outside characters and mostly just followed the banter between Ben and April first in the office and then in the car. I thought that adding the DC aspects to the show at the start of this season would make these characters feel so separated from the rest of the cast. However, tonight's story perfectly felt in with the rest of the episode's tone and was simple and hilarious.

So what did everyone think of the episode? How many times did you laugh? Excited for more Lucy Lawless? Share your thoughts in the comments.