Thursday, October 25, 2012

'Parks and Recreation' Review - 5.05 Halloween Surprise

        On the newest episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation, a new job offer for Ben causes Leslie to contemplate their future; Ron and Andy take Diane's (Lucy Lawless) girls out trick-or-treating; and Tom searches for a new business idea.

        Tonight's episode of Parks and Recreation was so fantastic! It was able to wonderfully balance the serial elements in every single major character story this season with the episodically comedic. Every story hit a very crucial moment during the Halloween period and the show was able to handle and reflect on each one so brilliantly.
        First off, Ben is finally back in Pawnee and the show's most awesome romance between him and Leslie finally took the next major step and the two of them are now engaged. That main story in particular was so emotionally-fueled and the whole episode built beautifully to that final sequence of Leslie just standing there and taking everything in. The DC story was definitely the biggest obstacle these two have faced mostly because of how far away the two of them were - and how it sometimes limited a few stories in previous episodes this season. This episode was so important for their future and was also very realistic and natural. Ben, of course, would be offered yet another job - with a nice return appearance of Kathryn Hahn as Jen - and Leslie, of course would deviate how upset she was into focusing on the future and well-being of Jerry. The two of them finally coming together after several episodes apart was amazing and the show really delivered with their reunion being so impactful to the rest of their arc this season.
        Even though this is only Lucy Lawless' second appearance on the show, I love how her relationship with Ron is helping his character develop. This relationship is honest and natural and brings out his romantic side in a way that we haven't seen before. The issue with him trying to enjoy the kids felt very in-line with his character. The story really did hit all the right beats here for me to be truly excited by where this relationship is going.
        The episode also did a phenomenal job of filling in the futures of many of the other characters as well as a true standout comedic structure for another. Tom has found the idea for his new business. Andy is trying to hone his observation skills (which was underplayed but not too noticeably). Plus the show took a page out of real life with the episodic plot of Donna live-tweeting everything. Retta is absolutely hilarious on Twitter and it was hysterical to see her character be so amazing with the social site as well.

So what did everyone think of the episode? How awesome was that proposal scene? Do you want Ron and Diane to work? How funny were Donna's tweets? Share your thoughts in the comments.