Sunday, October 21, 2012

'The Good Wife' Review - 4.04 Don't Haze Me, Bro

        On the newest episode of CBS' The Good Wife, Alicia and Diane must constantly rethink their approach when an opposing lawyer keeps changing tactics; and Eli wins a victory in his efforts to protect Peter's image.

        Show shows need and can effectively utilized the small, quiet nuanced moments. The Good Wife is one of those shows. Sure, the big, flashy stuff will no doubt be the reason for winning awards but the quiet moments are when you can truly see everything about that character in that one precise moment. Diane stopping at the 27th floor. Jackie seeing the bugs. The shot of Eli at the very end of the episode. "Don't Haze Me, Bro" may not be the most emotional-charged episode this show has ever produced but it did allow all of its characters to breathe. That change of pace helps us appreciate these characters even more and grounds the series from trying to go too big and grand with its storytelling.
        I may actually want to call this episode the best one so far from season four just because it didn't have anything with the Nick and Kalinda subplot. The motivation and the history between those two characters just has not been well-defined and thusly the audience does not really care about them. We would much rather sit through an hour with the varying levels of relationships that we have seen for four seasons now then spend a third of each episode with this lackluster subplot that doesn't seem to be building to anything.
        Whereas the Kalinda-Nick subplot has been poorly done this season, Peter and Eli's political subplot was been done beautifully and effective. In terms of this story with this new campaign worker, it is intriguing because we have slowly (but surely) been receiving the answers and pertinent information at a wonderful pace. The plot also feels very natural and is effecting every story that it should be effecting - the relationship between Peter and Alicia, Maddie's contributions to the campaign, Jackie and Eli trying to balance each other's efforts to refute it, etc. Speaking of Jackie, it was nice to see her return to the show as well-rounded as ever. Her slow burn story was perhaps more blatant in this episode than in the past but as episodes progress that too feels natural. It's a nice sliver to pique my interest now as well as the potential to really excite me later on.
        The episode also had one great case-of-the-week that was allowed to be over-the-top and twisty without seeming too overwhelming. It was able to keep my complete focus while being entertaining and thought-provoking. It was a fantastic focal point for Diane in her thirst to take back control of the firm which also created some great sparring matches in the case but also with Clark. Alliances and motivations are quickly shifting and I am anxiously awaiting the rest of this season's journey.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Glad that Nick was no where to be found? Thoughts on Jackie's current condition? Still desperately want a Cary story? Share your thoughts in the comments.