Sunday, December 2, 2012

'The Good Wife' Review - 4.10 Battle of the Proxies

        On the fall finale of CBS' The Good Wife, Will defends a man accused of murder and Alicia attempts to influence the outcome of his case by aiding the prosecutor in a nearby country who is trying another man for the same crime; Eli feels heat from the Justice Department; and Nick's actions force Kalinda's hand.

        And so, we have finally come to the end of Nick on The Good Wife. He was the character we were the most excited about seeing from Kalinda's background and yet once he arrived he brought absolutely nothing to the table in terms of revealing stuff about her. Creators Robert and Michelle King have publicly stated that they cut this story arc down because of the negative response it had received. Armed with that knowledge, it feels like the show did its best to organically work him out of the narrative - with Cary's (and then Alicia's) discovery of his drug business and Kalinda turning on him. In the end, it was just affirmed that the possibility of his character was so much more mysterious and engaging than his actually appearance. I feel that if this story started at the point of where these characters ended with them butting heads, it could have been a very nice character arc for the two of them. It was just such a huge misdirection and waste of time because their relationship didn't have any of the tension the buildup had instilled in it.
        Other than that one piece of story, the rest of this episode felt like any other episode of The Good Wife. The case-of-the-week of Will representing a client charged with murder and Alicia helping out the prosecution elsewhere with a trial for the same crime felt very true to this program. It was a scenario that only this type of series could concoct while still asking the very deep moral questions. The case itself wasn't particular the most engaging part of the episode until Alicia and Will knew their client was guilty. That allowed both characters into the world of the moral grey area and the show should have delved further into that realm. But alas soon afterwards, the show pulled the twist of both of the accused being found guilty and didn't allow much room for the main players to react.
        The two other subplots from the hour were a true delight mostly because of how Alicia and Eli reacted to learning all kinds of information. The Justice Department looking into contributions for Peter's campaign may feel like a way to stretch out this story for a full season. However, Eli telling Hamish Linklater to 'go to hell' or his angry face at the end make the story fun to watch. Likewise, Alicia's discovery of a condom search on her home's main computer and her questioning of both her kids were also very humorous. At times, those kids can feel like pesky distractions from the main drama but when they can interact with Julianna Margulies it can be really fun. Sure, the prospects of what the search means for the larger story of the Jackie character and her new "caretaker" may not be exciting - a bit cliche actually - but at least Alicia and Zach's initial reactions make it work.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Sad or thrilled to see Nick go? Should Will and Laura become romantically involved? Share your thoughts in the comments.