Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TV News - 'Enlisted,' 'Gang Related,' 'Rake,' 'Nashville,' 'Killer Women,' 'The List,' 'Bad Teacher,' 'Hostages,' 'Arrested Development,' 'To My Future Assistant,' 'Delirium,' 'The Ordained,' 'Gothica,' 'Rita,' 'The Killing,' 'Pulling,' 'Reckless,' 'SVU,' 'Company Town,' 'How the Hell Am I Normal,' 'Under the Dome' & 'Second Sight'

        Tuesday, February 19 - Geoff Stults (The Finder, Ben and Kate) will play the lead on FOX's comedy pilot Enlisted from Kevin Biegel. He will play Sergeant Pete Waits, who after a stint in Afghanistan is stationed at a small military base in Florida to tackle the toughest job of all - leading his dysfunctional brothers' squad.

Ramon Rodriguez (Charlie's Angels, The Wire) has landed the lead role in the FOX drama pilot Gang Related from Chris Morgan. He will play Ryan Lopez, a gang member sent in to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department who rises through its ranks but must balance his obligations to his crime family with an increasing sense of loyalty to his new "family" - the SFPD's Gang Task Force.

John Ortiz (Luck) has joined the cast of FOX's drama pilot Rake starring Greg Kinnear. He will play Ben, Keegan's (Kinnear) friend from law school. That are yin and yang and they know it. Ben is conservative, not flashy, an extremely decent family man who recognizes that Keegan is the performer of the two. Together they make quite a team, in and out of court.

The O.C. alum Chris Carmack will appear in the last six episodes of the first season of ABC's Nashville. He will appear as Will, Scarlet (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar's (Sam Palladio) new neighbor.

Battlestar Galactica grad Tricia Helfer has landed the headlining role in ABC's drama pilot Killer Women from Hannah Shakespeare. She will play Molly Parker, a beautiful and ballsy Texas Ranger who knows how to get the truth and isn't afraid to ruffle a few feather on her way there despite her male-dominated profession.

Michael Peña (The Shield, Crash) has landed the lead role in the FOX drama pilot The List from Paul Zbyszewski. He will star as Soto, the oddly charismatic" inspector leading the U.S. Marshalls as they investigate the murders of several members of the Federal Witness Security Program. While Soto's tendency to obsessively fixate on things is a day-to-day struggle, his disorder helps him protect witnesses and makes him one of the most focused and purposeful investigators in the service.

Ari Graynor (Fringe) will headline CBS' comedy pilot Bad Teacher an adaptation of the 2011 film. She will play Meredith Davis, a sexy, foul-mouthed divorcee who becomes a teacher to find her next husband.

Damages alum Tate Donovan - who is currently starring on NBC's Deception - has joined the cast of CBS' drama pilot Hostages. He will play Brian, Ellen's (Toni Collette) husband who's a former Ivy League "golden boy" now attempting to cover up the fact that his real estate career is floundering and relying more and more on his wife to keep the family afloat. His casting on the potential series is in second position to the ratings-challenge Deception.

Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig will appear on an upcoming episode of Netflix's Arrested Development revival as a younger version of boozy family matriarch Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter).

Emmy winner Catherine O'Hara has joined the FOX comedy pilot To My Future Assistant from Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer. She will play Magda, an accomplished, stylish and powerful lawyer who's the kind of woman who pretends to be your friend - but isn't.

Gregg Sulkin (Pretty Little Liars, Wizards of Waverly Place) is set to co-star opposite Emma Roberts in the FOX drama pilot Delirium. He will play Julien, the son of wealthy political leader Thomas Fineman (Billy Campbell). While his father supports the use of brain modification, Julien is conflicted about having to undergo a surgery to remove his feelings and eventually finds a kindred spirit in Lena (Roberts).

Nestor Serrano (Act of Valor) is the first to be cast on the CBS drama pilot The Ordained from Lisa Takeuchi Cullen. He will play Hector Nunez, a former politician who is now a name partner at the top New York law firm where leading man Tom works and whom Tom suspects is behind the plot to kill his sister.

Smash alum Raza Jaffrey is joined the cast of the ABC drama pilot Gothica from Matt Lopez. He will play Harker, a police detective whose search for the truth is threatened to be influenced by the political pressure brought by the most powerful man in the city of Gothica.

Josh Hamilton has landed the male lead opposite Anna Gunn in Bravo's first drama pilot Rita from Krista Vernoff. He will play Terrence, the principal at Cabbott Academy who is infatuated with the enigmatically sexy Rita but for her, their relationship is one of convenience.

Johnny Ray Gill (Rectify) is joining the cast of AMC's The Killing for its third season as a series regular. He will play Alton Singleterry, a low-level gangbanger who may be on death row but hasn't let that damper his spirit. While Alton may think he can dictate his own fate through manipulation and persistance, he will learn there are other forces in his world that can affect his trajectory.

Mandy Moore is set to star in an ABC comedy pilot - yet again. She will appear in Pulling, a single camera effort from Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. She will play Louise, who is optimistic and desperate to snag a husband - but her man-hungry tactics typically backfire.

Eloise Mumford (The River) is returning to ABC as the female lead of the network's Reckless drama pilot from Chris Black. The thriller centers on a resourceful problem fixer who, when his wife Sarah (Mumford) is unjustly imprisoned during a political uprising overseas, resorts to entering a dangerous world to get her out. Sarah is described as a fearless adventurer working as a doctor at a medical clinic in East Myanmar.

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan will guest on a March episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU based on Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" controversy last year. She will play Avery Jordan, a popular sports reporter who accuses her cameraman of raping her. When she learns she's pregnant from the encounter, she opts to keep the baby.

Maya Kazan is set to co-star on The CW drama pilot Company Town from Sera Gamble. She will play Krista's (Gage Golightly) friend, Marla, a frustrated yet wistful artist.

Comedy veteran George Segal has joined the cast of the ABC comedy pilot How the Hell Am I Normal from Adam Goldberg and starring Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey. He will play Albert, Murray's (Garlin) father who has been the stoic, wealthy pillar of the family for years.

Rachelle Lefevre (A Gifted Man, Off the Map) will appear on CBS' 13-episode summer series Under the Dome. She will play an investigative reporter in the quaint town.

My Name is Earl star Jason Lee is heading to CBS in the leading role of the drama pilot Second Sight from Michael and Gerald Cuesta. He will play Tanner, the lead detective with the New Orleans Police Department who has an ocular disorder that causes him to have horrifying, visually stimulating anxiety dreams and hallucinations that inadvertently help him solve crimes.