Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Midseason Finale 'Stay' Shows How the Show Has Evolved in Many Ways But Not in Every Way

USA's Suits - 3.10 Stay

An old nemesis returns to complicate the Pearson Darby Spector negotiations and put Harvey and Scottie on opposite sides once again. Meanwhile, Louis and Sheila are at odds over a new hire, and Mike and Rachel find themselves in Jessica's crosshairs.

It's Suits midseason finale - so that means it's time for someone new to learn Mike's secret. It's Louis' turn now as he is the only major character left at this point. The way that they introduced the idea for him was very smart but also contrived. His flirtations with Rachael Harris's Sheila have always been pleasant but this was the first time we've seen her since the second season. It felt like she popped up in this episode so Louis could be placed in a situation where he would grow suspicious about Mike's secret. It's smart because he only has suspicions and no actual proof and he can't ask Sheila to validate the information without making her angry and upset. But it is a contrivance used to facilitate tension for the upcoming episodes nevertheless.

Now the show is setting itself up for everybody being in on Mike's big secret. Of course, that is a huge part of the series but I honestly just want to get past it. With it being known amongst all the regular characters, it would have even less tension and weight and then maybe the show wouldn't go to it as much. I can't necessarily see Louis looking the other way on this issue. As long as it gets some quick resolution throughout the back six episodes of the season, I'll be fine with it.

The hour was also about the commitment of several romantic relationships. The smallest of which being Louis' flirtations with Sheila. But also, the revelations in Mike and Rachel's relationship and Harvey and Scottie's. I'll start with the better of the two.

Harvey has finally revealed that he wants to commit to Scottie. He does have love for her and wants to let her into his life. When Travis Tanner returns to attack the firm again, Harvey is protective of her. She may think he's trying to protect her because he doesn't think she can handle. But in all actually, he's doing in because he doesn't want to see her get hurt. He offers her a job at Pearson Spector for the same reason. If Darby International goes down, she'll go down with it. And her ten years there will be all for not. Harvey wants Scottie in his life but he will have to start learning how to trust her. He's been skeptic of her before when she's told the truth. So how will them becoming closer effect that? Also, he didn't speak to Jessica about hiring Scottie. So there's that little wrinkle to deal with as well.

Similarly, Mike is in love with Rachel and is hopelessly confused that she would try to make her decision about which law school to go to based on which is best for her first and what's best for them second. He tries giving her space but he doesn't know how to disconnect emotionally. Harvey can sense this and sidelines him from most of the legal work of the episode. And then Jessica finds out about the two of them and she gives Mike the ultimatum that he couldn't give to Rachel. She needs Rachel to sign the affidavit to protect her interests and if not she can fire Mike without any hesitation and Mike can do nothing to stop that. But in the end, it's Rachel is the one who has all the power. She forces Jessica to exempt her from the hiring only from Harvard rule and she choices to be in love with Mike and go to Columbia. So, Rachel is going to law school - a huge moment for the character. But hey, she still has some petty issues with Mike over her head. Like will the two move in together?

Some more thoughts:
  • How about Harvey and Louis' hair in those old pictures?
  • Donna and Jessica gossiping! Greatness. Too bad Jessica had ulterior motives.
  • And apparently there are other people who work at the firm too albeit only in name and not actually in the flesh.
  • I always love Eric Close's once a season appearances. He just fits so much more naturally into the world of this show than in his regular job on Nashville.
  • Wouldn't it have been awesome to have Louis, the female Louis and the British Louis all in the same room together?
  • So, is Pearson Spector going to get that new Harvard graduate or not?
  • Did you buy Harvey's grand appeal to Ava as enough to resolve their issues and this story for the season?
  • Are you happy with Harvey wanting to commit to Scottie or are you still bummed that it's not for Donna?