Sunday, October 13, 2013

REVIEW: 'The Good Wife' Negotiates Diane's Exit & Teases an Alicia Promotion in 'A Precious Commodity'

CBS' The Good Wife - Episode 5.03 A Precious Commodity

Will makes Alicia a stunning offer which causes her to reconsider her plans to leave the firm. Meanwhile, the partners take action when Diane's Supreme Court candidacy puts her at odds with her colleagues.

The Good Wife sure is tackling the controversial issues in its fifth season. Three episodes in and the series has dealt with the death penalty, the NSA and now abortion. Each is a very tricky issue to talk about and I have respect for the show in trying to go after these big issues in its fifth season. However, how the show addressed abortion in "A Precious Commodity" wasn't as fun or enjoyable as the previous two cases-of-the-week. The details of the case simply didn't wow me. The biggest draw for the case was the guest appearance by Christian Borle - who was a big reason why I stayed for Smash to the very end - and the first David Lee sighting in an actual courtroom. The case was boring and how it ended was a pretty trivial deus ex machina.

The real story that I wanted to see a lot more from was the partner's gathering to create Diane's exit package from the firm. One of the series most interesting dynamics is Will and Diane. They are the two name partners of this firm and have stood by each other through suspension and bankruptcy. But Diane betrayed her partnership by speaking ill of Will to a reporter. The judgeship is something she really wants. It says a ton about her character that her first instinct after the interview is to go tell Will what just happened. Diane is a class act. Even when she discovers she no longer needed to do it and was being pushed out, she tried to stay civil. But what's done is done. The partners are forcing her out and the only thing she can do to hold onto this business she has created is ask for more money.

But how ridiculous is it that Will would ask Alicia - a junior partner - to be Diane's replacement as managing partner for the firm. The show tries to weave out an explanation that she would be someone he could control but that just does not work at all. It's a plot point to bring up the idea that maybe Alicia doesn't want to leave after all.

The show really just needs to cut the cord already. Have Alicia and Cary leave. Have Diane take the judgeship. Change the dynamics up. We're all excited and anticipating it to happen. All this waiting and talking is good for a little bit. But right now, I just want it to happen already.

Some more thoughts:
  • Also, Grace doesn't feel pretty. Alicia kicks out a guy named Cam who apparently is a pastor. And that Top 10 Hottest Politician's daughter list is still a major plot point. As with most stories about the kids, it's mostly just yawn.
  • And Marilyn is back working for Peter. That story basically just undid everything that happened before it. But why did everything before it have to happen though? I like Melissa George's dynamics with both Eli and Peter but I'm confused by the point of this plot.
  • But I will end on some good news. Archie Panjabi hasn't had a lot to do this season. But her reaction to learning Alicia was leaving with Cary was pretty great.