Monday, December 16, 2013

TV News - Linda Cardellini Joining 'New Girl' as Jess' Sister; 'The Millers' Adds Brandon Routh; Plus 7 More Updates!

Additional Updates for:
Lifetime's Devious Maids; FX's Braddock & Jackson; FOX's Gracepoint; AMC's Turn; and TBS' Men at Work.

Pilot Castings:
ABC's An American Education and TNT's Public Morals

Rosie Perez has been cast on the ABC comedy pilot An American Education starring Jack Whitehall. She will play Rita Gomez, the school's hard-assed Vice Principal, a terrifying force that grew up in a bad neighborhood who intimidates Alfie (Whitehall) by her no-nonsense, bullish, self-righteous, by-the-numbers approach to ruling the school.

Dominic Adams has joined the second season of Lifetime's Devious Maids as a new series regular. He will play Tony, a dark, handsome and athletic bodyguard/chauffeur who is ex-special forces.

Wass Stevens (The Wrestler, House of Cards) has been added to the cast of the TNT drama pilot Public Morals starring, written by and to be directed by Ed Burns. He will play Vince Latucci, a tough and mean senior on the police force, who grew up on the streets of Little Italy. He looks more like a wise guy than a cop and is partnered with Shea.

Telma Hopkins (Family Matters) has joined the cast of FX's Braddock & Jackson as a series regular. She will play Ruth Jackson, Phillip's (Martin Lawrence) outspoken mother who has lived with him through his 22-year marriage and continues to do so following his recent separation. A true force, to be reckoned with, she's never one to hold back on expressing strong opinions about her son's life and choices.

Linda Cardellini (Mad Men, ER) has been tapped for a recurring role on FOX's New Girl. She will play Abby, Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) wild-child sister.

Kevin Zegers (Transamerica) will co-star on FOX's upcoming event series Gracepoint starring David Tennant and Anna Gunn. He will play Owen Burke, a handsome, clever and extremely laid back young reporter on the local town newspaper. With the arrival of a big city journalist, his dormant ambitions are awakened - getting both himself and his aunt Ellie (Gunn) in big trouble.

Amy Gumenick has landed a recurring role on AMC's new drama series Turn. She will play Philomena, who becomes quite taken with British spy John Andre (JJ Feild) and is recruited by him for some undercover work of her own.

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of CBS' The Millers. He will play Officer Davis, a handsome police officer who is investigating a string of petty thefts in Nathan (Will Arnett) and Carol's (Margo Martindale) neighborhood.

Emmy winners Jane Seymour and Ed Asner will appear on the upcoming third season of TBS' Men at Work. Seymour will play Jane Ellis, a high-powered, elegant woman who runs a publishing house and has an affair with Milo (Danny Masterson). Asner will play Bob, a sweet, eccentric old man who finds Neal's (Adam Busch) bag on a park bench and returns it in return for an internship.