Wednesday, January 8, 2014

REVIEW: 'Revolution' Takes a Trip to Mexico, the White House & Spring City in 'Three Amigos'

NBC's Revolution - Episode 2.10 Three Amigos

When Miles leads Monroe and Rachel south of the border, they're met with much more than they bargained for; Neville and Julia dance a delicate dance; and Charlie and Gene continue their search for Aaron.

I loved the last episode of Revolution because of the way it was able to mix driving action with consequences with some character and emotional beats. That was a strong way to head into a hiatus - it basically was enough for me to continue to watch the drama for the foreseeable future. "Three Amigos" was a much different kind of episode. It was quiet and mysterious. A traveling episode that rearranged all of the pieces. Tom and Julia are plotting things - now at the White House! Miles, Monroe and Rachel travel to Mexico to find Monroe's son. Gene and Charlie are back near Willoughby with more strange things happening. Finally, Aaron's off on his own journey trying to find some answers.

It's a piece-moving episode to set up the world that the second half of the season will travel. Monroe's search for his son is a plot I haven't a care in the world for. So, I guess it's big that that mystery is finally getting resolved. And yet, it's told in a way that I still don't care about it. Mat Vairo is very effective as Connor. However, it's also a story to give something for that trio of characters to do for a handful of episodes. The fact that Rachel and Miles will be staying done there to help Monroe out just seems baffling to me.

At this point in the season, I do think the town of Willoughby could be tossed aside. The characters are spreading throughout this universe again. And yet, I also enjoy it's continued presence. The show will always have to find a new reason to justifiably get the characters back in that community - now it's those oranges being injected with something. That setting was given a lot of importance during the first half of the season. It's a major player in the Patriots' plan for some reason. It's going to be connected to everything in the end but I'm also needing that connection to be just a little more apparent.

Some more thoughts:
  • Tom and Julia are really setting themselves up into positions of power. It's definitely entertaining to watch those two plot to take out these people. It's a much better use of Kim Raver than what they had her doing in the first season. I'm still anxiously awaiting to see the larger picture and how it all gets connected.
  • Guesses on what's in the folder than Jason found?
  • So the Patriots are run by a bunch of middle-aged white guys? Also when is the President actually going to appear on screen.
  • The return of Grace was a wonderful episode-ending twist. That was a character severely misused last year. It would have been better and more surprising if Maria Howell's name wasn't listed in the opening credits.