Tuesday, February 25, 2014

REVIEW: 'New Girl' - Jess Looks at an Apartment While Schmidt Gets Something Special in 'Sister II'

FOX's New Girl - Episode 3.17 Sister II

Jess panics when Abby decides to stay in Los Angeles and sets her eyes on one of the loftmates. Meanwhile, Winston procrastinates about checking his test results for the LAPD entrance exam.

I'm not surprised it only took one episode after her introduction for Abby to be romantically paired up with one of the guys. It being Schmidt is ripe for so many wild and wacky moments. Just look at that situation in the middle where Nick walks in on them. That's about as outlandish as New Girl ever goes - and another indication that they love writing sexual jokes. Those two people will be toxic for each other. I don't expect them to have an honest and real relationship but I do think they will have a lot of fun with each other.

But the main plot of the episode essentially boiled down to Nick's inability to tell a convincing lie. Sometimes that was a good thing. Him reading a script that Jess wrote for him during the dinner was fantastic. Other times it felt like he was overly awkward. Like initially in that car museum place he took Abby to.

It all was leading up to that moment when Abby and Jess finally tell each other how they feel. Jess simply doesn't want Abby living their full time because of the chaos she brings with her. Just look at how she has changed the gang during that opening game of throw the knife on the ceiling. But Abby wants to continue living the way she is - thusly leading to the decision to move in with Schmidt. That's all the makings of a disaster which I'm very eager to see.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Sister II" was written by Ryan Koh & Luvh Rakhe and directed by Bill Purple.
  • Hey full New Girl opening credits. It's been awhile hasn't it?
  • I feel like the "Viewer Discretion is Advised" precursor has been used a lot in the 2014 episodes.
  • Winston and Coach have been a pretty reliable pairing as of late. Their plot was a bit too simple and relied a bit too heavily on crazy Winston just doing wacky things that don't make a whole lot of sense.
  • Cece was only in the one scene helping Jess look at the apartment. She did get that one good line about going back in time when she was younger, living there and just finding the right guy.
  • If all Abby did was freak Winston out just so she could steal food from him, that would be a great running gag.
  • Nick can debate the differences between Nick and Nic for as long as he wants in my opinion.
  • If Abby really did get that apartment Jess found for her, it would be the perfect way for her to continue to make sporadic guest appearances on the show. I will never argue against more Linda Cardellini on television.