Monday, February 3, 2014

REVIEW: 'Switched at Birth' Brings Bay & Emmett Together & Apart in 'It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else'

ABC Family's Switched at Birth - Episode 3.04 It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else

Bay is surprised by her feelings when she learns that Emmett has started dating again; Jorge asks Daphne to join him at a family function; Regina and Angelo have a heart-to-heart over their business ventures; and John surprised the family when he makes an unusual purchase.

Now, I totally ship Bay and Emmett. They are the endgame I have planned for this series. They both are free to date other people and deal with the struggles that each relationship has. But in the end, I want those two kids together. One of the smartest things, though, that Switched at Birth has done is not to rush that relationship. Yes, they dated back in the first season and they were very happy together - even though they both were dealing with other family stuff. Then, Emmett cheated on her with Simone. That was a serious betrayal. One where it has taken time to once again be trustworthy and loving to Emmett. It was a severe mistake, and he knew that right away. However, that didn't mean it could be glazed over so easily just to have those two characters together just because the fans want them together.

The show carefully took its time to get Bay and Emmett back to a good place as friends. He was always pinning after her - but she was ready to move on. Leading into this episode, they are friends who are close enough to talk to each other about the most intimate stuff. When Ty "cheated" on Bay, she was sent spinning - unsure of why this keeps happening to her. Emmett gave her the best explanation he could at the time.

But now, Bay is trying to focus on her art and getting into college on the East Coast. That's the one stable thing in her life right now. She's doing her best to put her best art forward - which then leads to big interactions with Emmett. She learns of his new girlfriend and the tables get turned on their relationship. Now, she's the one pinning after him - looking this Seattle girl up online and asking him all these personal questions. She really does still have feelings towards him - but she still can't get over the fact that he cheated on her, and what's to stop him from doing it again if they got back together. Emmett calls her out on always bringing that up - in one of the best Emmett scenes in a long time.

She says she is going to try and move past the cheating and will never mention it again. But when Ty reaches out for the first time since leaving, she opts to just delete the message. Clearly, that means she can't get over that betrayal and thusly will be struggling just as much with trying to overcome what Emmett did.

Elsewhere, Daphne is struggling with her feelings towards Campbell. I loved that opening scene where Bay is listening to Daphne talk about how cute Campbell is - because it just further goes to show that a disability doesn't lessen how attractive another person thinks you are. Those two have grown a tight bond just in the few episodes so far this season. She feels a closeness to him - and perhaps gleams a romantic yearning for him. But he has a girlfriend. That complicates everything. So, she tries avoiding him and the best way to do that is to hang out with Jorge - her supervisor at the clinic who is also pretty darn cute.

It's all very reminiscent of Daphne's stories of the past. She always seems to be catching the eye of some guy and then winds up kissing him - only for trouble to emerge later. Since she patched things up with John last week, the story's focus obviously had to shift to this area of her life right now. But it does feel like the same story that's been told just in a different way - now there's two available guys pinning after her and she has to make some kind of decision. I do think there's more depth to the Campbell character so I'm hoping their dynamic gets to be fleshed out more in the coming weeks. 

Some more thoughts:
  • "It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else" was written by Linda Gase & Henry Robles and directed by Melanie Mayron.
  • Like John says at the end, he's going through the cliche mid-life crisis right now. His political story never really did a lot for me. So, the show's basically just gonna cut all ties to that - saying it's something we tried for a bit, but now we're going somewhere else with that character. Which is all perfectly fine.
  • Angelo is back and realizes that he has very little money left. I'm so happy that the show is finally discussing this plot point even though he was quick a jerk to make Regina give up her dream in order to finance his business venture.
  • Coto was basically a one-note villain last summer. So the fact that someone now is trying to champion all the work he did is just laughable - even though she did raise some valid points of being Latino in Missouri.
  • Seriously though, there needs to be a GIF of Emmett dancing, now!
  • No Toby this week. Guess he's really enjoying that apartment all to himself.
  • Only a little Travis but his two scenes with John were pretty darn funny.
  • And I'm really digging the friendship between Bay and Tank right now. So platonic while also being very helpful to one another.