Monday, February 10, 2014

REVIEW: 'Switched at Birth' - Bay & Daphne Have to Confront Love & Mental Illness in 'Have You Really the Courage?'

ABC Family's Switched at Birth - Episode 3.05 Have You Really the Courage?

Kathryn is thrilled to get a second chance at being an author when Renzo sets up a pitch meeting with his book editor friend; Bay worries that Tank may have a crush on her; Daphne is concerned when she learns more about Sharee's home life; and John and Jennice hide some bad news from Toby.

In "Have You Really the Courage?" a lot of characters are faced with having to do things that seem unpleasant but they need to muster up the courage to address them head on. Bay tries to avoid telling Tank that she only sees him as a friend. Daphne is faced with having to intervene between Sharee and her mother even though she made a promise. Jennice gives some bad news to John - who then gives it to Toby - about Nikki maybe staying in Peru even longer. Lastly, Kathryn has to pick herself up and head out on the town just after getting her book idea shot down.

The show has never shied away from putting its characters in complicated positions and having to make difficult decisions. These decisions aren't gigantic and life-changing but do feel immensely personal. Of course, Bay doesn't want to have that talk with Tank because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings or lose that friendship. It's been so nice having those two together without the romantic connotations. But Bay has to address it as he seems more there for her than ever before - giving her advice on her art, coaching her and being at her practice. The fact that it ends with her falling and a beer bottle breaking in her hand is devastating. And yet, Tank stays by her side as the paramedics tend to her. That's just a great guy. Whether or not the show goes there with the two, Tank has just been an amazing presence this season.

And Daphne wants to protect the trust and friendship she has slowly developed with Sharee. She mostly just stands by and watches as the show truly unveils Sharee's complicated home life. The latest developments make that character even more sympathetic. Sharee shouldn't have to be taking care of her mother like this. And yet, she is. That's what her family life is like. That's what she's used to. It's not right but it's what she's grown accustomed to. So when outsiders Regina and Daphne enter this universe, its just sad to see. When Daphne promises not to do anything, she really does mean it to Sharee. But as Regina later argues, sometimes you need people to help you to realize that your life doesn't need to continue the way that it is going. It's a very delicate situation - one that I'm sure will fuel all of the Daphne-Sharee conflict in the future. 

Some more thoughts:
  • "Have You Really the Courage?" was written by Bekah Brunstetter and directed by Zetna Fuentes.
  • Kathryn's first book idea was interesting but also something I couldn't see Kathryn doing all those activities for. Not that her new one which the book editor bought is any better. I just see way too many complications stemming from that idea.
  • I was kinda disappointed that the show introduced the news with Nikki only to put it kind of on the back burner for the rest of the episode.
  • I'm really hoping Bay's injury doesn't hamper her art abilities. Not sure that's a story I really want to see.
  • Regina knows, everyone! ABC Family really wants you to tweet that.
  • Also both John and Jennice realize the kiss as a mistake immediately. But that shouldn't stop things from spiraling into something huge in the coming weeks.
  • Toby to Bay: "Get your head in the game." A not so subtle nod to High School Musical starring Lucas Grabeel?
  • Tank to Bay: "You are a mattress!"