Monday, February 24, 2014

REVIEW: 'Switched at Birth' - The Kennish Family Goes for Ice Cream & Sharee's Mom Sees a Doctor in 'Memory Is Your Image of Perfection'

ABC Family's Switched at Birth - Episode 3.07 Memory Is Your Image of Perfection

Daphne tries to convince Sharee that she needs to find help for her mother; Bay and Toby hatch a plan to get their parents on the same page; Adrianna is at odds with Regina over her new project; and Melody is confused by Travis' behavior.

Family issues were on display everywhere in "Memory Is Your Image of Perfection." The Kennishes are dealing with John and Kathryn's split. Daphne is trying to get Sharee's mom the help she needs. Adrianna and Regina are clashing over the values of where they come from and the community that felt like family who still live there. Lastly, Travis is dealing with Melody's pushing of him to go to Gallaudet University. Now, that's a lot of plot and yet it doesn't feel overwhelming. All four of those feel equally weighted in importance.

The Travis story is resolved rather smoothly. It's an episodic story about one of the corners of this universe that hasn't had a lot of to do so far this season. And it's a rather pleasant and complicated one as well. The stakes are clear. Travis blew off his interview with the college representative because of the love he now feels in this new family unit. Melody cares about him. He has a good thing going with Mary Beth and a stable job at the carwash. He doesn't need anything to change in his life. Reassurance of continuing support by Melody is all he really needs to make this jump.

The other three have more complex ongoing issues. Adrianna got Regina thinking about her purpose on this job which got Regina questioning things as well. It feels like they just wanted Regina and Wes to get into conflict again. Since he lent her so much money, that complicate things a whole lot. It's not my favorite story right now - Regina feels better utilized when reacting to the John-Kathryn split or trying to help Daphne. But I don't feel like this story is a waste.

This week it's Daphne's turn to once again deal with Sharee and the ongoing issues with her mother. The stakes are truly life and death now. Mom is brought into the free clinic and freaks out thinking they are trying to take her away from Sharee. Then she stabs the doctor! That was such a huge and shocking twist. Daphne was forced to act fast in order to save his life. There really is no going back now. CPS will have to act now as well as charges being brought against her mom. Daphne wants to help Sharee even more but unfortunately doesn't have the room for her to live in.

But the most engaging storyline continues to be the rift between John and Kathryn. They simply don't have the same views on life anymore. And yet, it feels most tragic for the kids - Bay and Toby. Toby thought he was moving out on his own. Instead, he got his dad as a roommate. No one even wants to mention it to Bay. She's suffered enough lately - with the switch, being cheated on twice and her hand being held in a cast. They try to Parent Trap their way back into being one big happy family. Trying to remind the two of what life used to be like. And yet, both still don't understand what the other one is doing anymore. It takes another gut punch - of Bay not being able to move her hand - for them to come together again. But that also means they're also only together for the kids. They still love each other. I have no doubt about that. The question is whether or not they can support what the other one wants out of life again.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Memory Is Your Image of Perfection" was written by Terrence Coli and directed by Lee Rose.
  • Mary Beth sure did learn sign language first. Well mostly anyway.
  • I loved how Daphne used her mother's alcoholism as a parallel struggle with the issues Sharee is facing with her mother's mental health. They do have a lot in common and are better people for being friends.
  • Cute audiologist guy returned and Melody agreed to actually go on a date this time.
  • It's Sharee's week for Daphne's story but I enjoyed the shoutout Jorge and Campbell that Dr. J made.
  • Mary Beth: "He finally found a nest just in time to get kicked out of it."
  • Toby: "I'm like a monk."
  • Next week: 2 Broke Girls finally lets Gilles Marini come back to this show.