Monday, March 3, 2014

REVIEW: 'Dallas' - Judith Ryland Returns & Bobby and Ann Learn One Big Surprise in 'Trust Me'

TNT's Dallas - Episode 3.02 Trust Me

John Ross goes to great lengths to keep his plans for Ewing Global moving forward; Sue Ellen's suspicions of John Ross' infidelity threaten to derail her alliance with him; Harris' surprise return creates concern; Emma enlists her grandmother's help; and Bobby and Ann's investigation into Harris' release leads to a shocking revelation.

Now that's more like it. With introductions done, season 3 of Dallas can get into high gear. Sue Ellen is suspicious and spying on her son. Plus she's drinking again! John Ross gets to frack on Southfork but his transportation deal with Ryland Transport is dead. Heather is direct and just kisses Christopher. Elena and Nicolas have a new lead to build their revenge on.

But "Trust Me" is all about Judith Light who makes her grand return in this episode - after being sent to the cuckoo house by her son last season. Light is just having so much fun in this role and she is just such a campy delight. Emma brings her back as a way to keep her father off her back. Instead she joins up with him because he presents a great business opportunity. It's all leading up to that visit to their Mexican partners. She gets patted down and tests the product! It's a moment of pure soap and works entirely because everyone involved is so committed to it.

If that weren't enough, then there's the big twist at episode's end. All episode, everyone - especially Bobby and Ann - have been trying to learn how Harris got released from prison and how they can get him back in there. Everyone believes the drug cartel bought off a judge to throw the case. Turns out it was much larger than that. Harris has been working with the CIA! That's a crazy soapy twist and just the kind of thing I want this show to do.

It's all a part to make Harris a multi-faceted character. Now, does it forgive him from all the villainous conspiring he did with Cliff last season? No. But it does ensure that he's a much more interesting character moving forward. Now that we understand why he's doing everything - as a way to protect Ann and Emma from the Mexicans - he's much easy to watch.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Trust Me" was written by Bruce Rasmussen and directed by Millicent Shelton.
  • Mitch Pileggi got to say bullshit!
  • Ann: "Come to bed. When I watch Duck Dynasty without you, I get all the beards confused."
  • John Ross: "Hand to God, I'm not sneaking around with my secretary."
  • Judith: "Let's not shoot mommy on her first day home."
  • Bud: "Grow into your father's greatness, not his weakness."
  • On the TNT revival, has there every been a barbecue party at Southfolk where some character has uttered some variation of the line, "You know back in the day these would end with a fist fight and someone falling in the pool"?