Tuesday, March 4, 2014

REVIEW: 'New Girl' - Jess & Nick Live in the Same Room Together and Learn Some New Things About Each Other in 'Sister III'

FOX's New Girl - Episode 1.18 Sister III

When Jess moves into Nick's bedroom, they both must deal with their complete lack of personal space; Cece worries that Abby is taking advantage of Schmidt; Coach thinks Cece is treating him like one of her girlfriends; and Winston struggles with physical fitness.

Abby entered into the lives of Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach and Cece to complicate things. So, it should be no surprise that her exit will also complicate things as the show heads into its final episodes of the season. Even though this is the final episode in the three-part "Sister" arc, the focus really isn't on Abby at all. She's really the secondary thought in this episode. Nick and Jess are the primary focus. They try moving in together because it feels like the next step that they should be taking as a couple. Unfortunately, they learn so many things about the other that irritate them. And of course, they just try not to talk about it for the length of the episode. Jess even goes so far as to lie in order not to spend time just living with Nick in the same room. Now, her montage of antics in the hotel room was pretty amusing - loved the exchanges of her wanting a period adult film. But it's also the two avoiding the much larger problem. In the episode's climax, they do have that discussion and agree to return to their separate rooms.

However, while Jess was avoiding the topic with Nick, she had some conversations with her sister who is in a full-blown sexual relationship with Schmidt. Now, we're told that she has a history of destroying the lives of the men she's with. But she doesn't appear to be doing anything to ruin Schmidt's live - other than having him wear her unique jewelry.

And yet, that's all leading up to that conversation Jess and Abby have where Jess suggests that Abby may need some time alone to learn who she is. And then, poof! Abby's gone to go live with Jamie Lee Curtis in Portland to try and get her live together. Which is an event that does destroy Schmidt - specifically his finances. He bought a store for her and now can't afford to sublet his apartment any more. So now, he's moving back into the main loft - forcing Jess and Nick to stay in the same room even though they just agreed not too. It's a nice wrinkle that presents some mature complications for the future episodes even though the episode leading up to it wasn't as interesting.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Sister III" was written by Camilla Blackett and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar.
  • In the C and D stories, Coach acts like a girlfriend and Winston exercises. Both were humorous side stuff. That ultimately were just to serve a larger function to the main stories.
  • Nick in a nightgown. That's just funny.
  • So, what's going to go into that storefront that Schmidt bought? Any suggestions?
  • And did Cece ever get her car back?