Thursday, March 13, 2014

REVIEW: 'Parks and Recreation' - Leslie Learns How to Delegate and Duke Silver Returns in 'New Slogan'

NBC's Parks and Recreation - Episode 6.16 New Slogan

Leslie aims to create a new town slogan, but runs afoul of local shock jocks; Andy scouts bands to play the Unity Concert and discovers an interesting secret about Ron; and Tom looks for a restaurant locale with Donna and April.

"New Slogan" feels like a trip down memory lane. Leslie goes up against Crazy Ira and the Douche yet again; Duke Silver returns; and Tom visits Jurassic Fork again. It's all done with the aspiration of Leslie learning how to take a step back and let the people she trusts and respects be able to sort things out. I appreciate the Chicago job offer staying around. "New Slogan" presents some true downsides to the job - even though I still think Leslie would be crazy not to take it. She knows how to do the nitty gritty work. She loves having control and doing things that she thinks will help her projects. She struggles with taking that step back and delegating. This new job is an unknown world to her but she would be crazy not to take that risk and see how she adapts to the new responsibilities of overseeing over 200 people.

The return of Duke Silver story works almost entirely because of Andy's reaction to the reveal. Of course, he needs a little push from Ron to get to it. But in the end it's worth it just for him reading his list of secrets to Ron. "When they say it's 2% percent milk, I don't know what the other 98% is."

The Tom-April-Donna story was pleasant. It's always fun seeing that trio of characters interact together. I especially loved Tom's gift of a Larry voodoo doll to April. Maybe that's why he always found his belt connected to a chair? And yet, I didn't completely buy the emotional beats the story was going for with Donna and April trying to derail his restaurant idea so they could still be friends.

Some more thoughts:
  • "New Slogan" was written by Alan Yang & Sam Means and directed by Dean Holland.
  • Leslie trying to douche it up with Crazy Ira and the Douche was pretty enjoyable too.
  • But they put the "Welcome to Pawnee" sign as you're leaving the town! That's just funny.