Friday, April 4, 2014

Development News - Mandy Moore Marries James Roday for 'Good Session'; Syfy Passes on Bryan Fuller's 'High Moon' Pilot

Development News - April 4, 2014

CBS' Good Session and Syfy's High Moon.

  • Mandy Moore is set as the female lead opposite James Roday on the single camera comedy pilot. She will play Lindsay, a driven and hyper-focused business executive who loves her husband (Roday) but isn't quite ready to hop off the fast track of her successful career to have kids.
  • The cable network has decided to pass on the drama pilot on the heels of picking up to series the two other drama pilots produced in the last development cycle - 12 Monkeys and Dominion. Bryan Fuller wrote the pilot which was directed by Adam Kane. The cast included Chris Diamantopoulos, Jake Sandvig, Dana Davis, Peter Macon, Jonathan Tucker, Charity Wakefield and Constance Wu.