Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Louis Comes Up with a Solution While Harvey & Rachel Have to Make Tough Decisions in 'Litt the Hell Up'

USA's Suits - Episode 4.06 "Litt the Hell Up"

When Sean Cahill brings Logan in to the SEC for questioning, Harvey tries to put an end to the Gillis Industries takeover. But when Mike continues to play hardball, Louis sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the day. Meanwhile, Rachel must contend with the fallout of a moment of weakness.

If Suits names an episode "Litt the Hell Up," then it better be an awesome episode for Louis. And that it is. Louis goes through a wide range of emotions. He's gets to be playful and sincere with his trademarked mugs; devastated when Harvey yells at him yet again for making a bad judgment call; the smartest person in the room, first with Jessica then with Charles Forstman; and lastly, appreciated. It's because of Louis that the whole takeover of Gillis Industries is finally put to bed. Sure, I'm guessing the repercussions of ending it will effect the rest of the season - especially the SEC investigation. You don't just mention not reporting someone for trying to avoid taxes for it not to be a major plot point later on. And yet, it's just the kind of messy and complicated conclusion this story needed. Perhaps now the show can get back on track. But Louis was great this week and I always love a good Louis episode that doesn't just resort to him as comic relief.

Mike as an investment banker was a decision I supported wholeheartedly. It came from a truly honest feeling of him feeling trapped in the world of Pearson Spector. The show simply had to commit to it in order to not trivialize that decision. For him to try it for a bit only for it to completely blow up in his face seems like a much easier and justifiable way to end his time in that world. Even though he has a really good memory, he still makes mistakes and this professional gamble just didn't work in the longterm. I suspect he'll be back at Pearson Spector soon and friends again with Harvey, Louis, Donna and Jessica. But I think it can be really interesting watching him struggle a bit in these next few episodes. Don't bring him back to the fold that quickly. Let him wallow and be depressed. Don't give him the chance to return to life as lawyer like nothing happened. Sure, that opportunity can present itself later on. But right now, Mike seems better served with the personal drama with Rachel and perhaps a person Sean Cahill will approach to try and destroy the firm.

Elsewhere, I'm just really enjoying the focus on Rachel this year. Do I really buy that she's fallen under the charms of Logan Sanders again? No. It seems like they had something in the past - that really wasn't an honest connection either. And now that they are in the same rooms again (and because they're both pretty people), they think something is there. I don't see it. But I do believe in how torn Rachel is following that kiss and whether or not to tell Mike. I don't foresee it ending well for anyone. The timing of it just couldn't be worse. The parallels Rachel draws to Mike coming clean about his own secret does seem to be reaching a bit. But I'm really intrigued to see how this plays out - especially because he's unemployed right now.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Litt the Hell Up" was written by Rick Muirragui and directed by Silver Tree.
  • Harvey said 'goddamn' more than usual this week, right?
  • Loved that cover of "Crazy" during the Rachel-Logan flashback. 
  • I do enjoy the bond between Louis and Katrina. And yet, it seems like that's all she does. Serving as a sounding board for everything he is caught up in. Remember when she too was an adversary to Mike?
  • It is nice to know that Harvey would still pick Mike over Logan. That's reaffirming for when Mike will come crawling back looking for a job.
  • I'm looking forward to the next few episodes just to see the SEC investigation take center stage - just like it should have from the start.