Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW: 'Faking It' - Amy is Filled with Guilt While Shane & Lauren Stage a Kidnapping in 'The Morning Aftermath'

MTV's Faking It - Episode 2.01 "The Morning Aftermath"

Karma deals with the fallout from Amy's confession. Amy feels guilty about her tryst with Liam. Lauren and Shane devise a plan to protect Lauren's secret.

At its core, Faking It is a series about secrets. Amy and Karma lied about being lesbians in order to be popular at school. Amy was also lying about her true feelings towards Karma while Karma was lying to Liam about her being a lesbian. Secrets are always going to come out eventually on TV shows. They did just that in the first season finale earlier this year. With the truth exposed to so many of the main characters, the series now has to introduce new secrets to fester and develop over the second season.

Amy and Liam's drunken hookup is exactly that. Both of them were incredibly drunk and angry over being rejected and lied to. And now, they have to deal with the consequences. They have to decide whether or not to tell Karma about what happened. Karma is desperate to rebuild her friendship with Amy. They were suppose to grow old together. She also now recognizes she made a mistake with Liam by lying to him all this time. But now, Amy and Liam are choosing to make the exact same choice in keeping this a secret to Karma. They don't want to hurt her. It's actually pretty funny how many times Karma almost catches onto the truth through circumstance but doesn't because she's so focused on apologizing. She has the potential to walk into Amy's room while they're still in bed but manages to wait until Liam is (nakedly) out the window. When she's at the pharmacy, she doesn't notice the box with the morning after pill because she wants to apologize. It's hilarious. But keeping this a secret will probably hurt Karma even more when she finds out later. It's basically a lose-lose situation no matter what.

But "The Morning Aftermath" doesn't pose one really important question - Did Amy enjoy having sex with Liam? She was drunk and doesn't remember a lot of the night. But it does seem like a realistic question to ask. Her mom is giddy at the thought that she is now sleeping with boys because that means they can put this lesbian debacle behind them. She's solely focused on herself. Amy rightfully calls her out on it too but mom doesn't want to deal with those consequences. She just wants to scurry away to Cancun for her honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Lauren is willing to accept Shane's apology for outing her secret pills if he can keep Tommy from outing what they are for. It's just your everyday activities of kidnap and blackmail. What I love the most about this story is that it brings the entire six member regular cast together in the same location. It feels like that has almost never happened on this series - even though it does have a strong ensemble. Everyone had an opinion on the subject and the back-and-forth and all the hidden meanings were enjoyable. But it was all for naught because the entire gang learned Lauren's secret. She was born intersex. Understandably, their reaction was what does intersex mean? I have a feeling some viewers thought that way as well. The show will be delivering answers and it promises to be a strong emotional arc for the character - which is something I wholeheartedly welcome.

Some more thoughts:
  • "The Morning Aftermath" was written by Carter Covington and directed by Claire Scanlon.
  • Apparently Karma's parents started Burning Man. Okay.
  • Amy and Liam's secret is already looking less secure because at episode's end Lauren found the morning after pill in Amy's trash can. That doesn't seem like smart planning on Amy's part but makes for a good final little twist.
  • It only took one episode into this season before Katie Stevens got to sing. Such a lovely voice.
  • How did Shane get Tommy into his mom's trunk anyway?
  • But I really enjoyed Lauren and Shane's little heart-to-heart about not revealing her secret to anyone. He is showing some real growth already and perhaps she isn't far behind.
  • Farrah: "That is not the way I wanna get on Dateline."