Sunday, October 5, 2014

REVIEW: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - Jake Takes Care of Terry While Holt's Nemesis Returns in 'Chocolate Milk'

FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 2.02 "Chocolate Milk"

Holt is taken by surprise when his longtime nemesis, Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) arrives fro an inspection of his precinct. Meanwhile, Jake and Terry test the boundaries of "work friends" vs. "friend friends" as they investigate a stabbing at a hipster chocolate milk bar.

"Chocolate Milk" is an excellent episode for the ensemble of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So many great moments including the detectives making fun of Terry getting a vasectomy, Terry then high on drugs (twice!), Amy's crazy-eyed reaction to yelling at Holt, Gina slapping Boyle in the face after he calls them "bone-bros," Rosa and Boyle in matching ridiculous Jamaican outfits and Jake trying and falling to physically stop Terry from going to his operation. This continues to be a great comedic ensemble. Even though there is a lot of stuff happening in this episode, almost everyone in the cast gets one great moment - except maybe Hitchcock and Scully.

On top of all of that is the introduction of Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch, Holt's former partner and long-running nemesis. She's able to match Andre Braugher's dead-pan skills hilariously. It is incredible watching two of police procedural's long-running actors face off in a comedic context. This role is vastly different than what Sedgwick did on The Closer. And yet, the show still uses her wonderfully. It's always great when 80s flashback Holt comes out and the addition of Wuntch makes those sequences even better. She tried seducing him the night he got the courage to come out to her. That then led to a history of events that turned these former friends against each other. I really want to know what the Derek Jeter incident is all about. And with Sedgwick set to appear in multiple episodes this season, I can't wait to explore more of her character. I'm sure she'll have a high opinion on Jake!

The case-of-the-week story isn't that great - with Jake and Terry investigating the stabbing of a hipster who owns a chocolate milk bar called "Dark Milk." Unfortunately, the store's main product "combines the worst part of chocolate with the worst part of milk." That's sounds horrible and yet completely in the wheelhouse for Brooklyn Nine-Nine's comedic sensibilities. It's a little bit of a let down that Jake solves the crime offscreen and just explains things to Terry. But the main focus is on Jake and Terry as friends. That's where I want the focus to be anyway. It's fun watching Terry crush Jake on the bed - twice! - and the two going to couples therapy. The case just wasn't that compelling even as just something for the two of them to do.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Chocolate Milk" was written by Gabe Liedman and directed by Fred Goss.
  • Boyle's ex-wife has gotten engaged and he's going to the engagement party. He really needs some independence from her. Thankfully, Rosa is gonna help him find a new apartment. But do you think we'll ever see Boyle's ex-wife? If so, who would you cast?
  • Gina seems to be fine with sleeping with Boyle now - which is interesting. I largely liked that slap and her friendship with Jake in this episode.
  • Charles: "So he's almost like our grand-captain." Holt: "That is amazingly funny."
  • Holt: "Chief Wuntch. But if you're here, then who's guarding Hades?"