Monday, October 20, 2014

REVIEW: 'Sleepy Hollow' - A Past Love Returns to Destroy Ichabod's Life by Attacking Abbie & Katrina in 'The Weeping Lady'

FOX's Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.05 "The Weeping Lady"

A woman from Ichabod's past comes to Sleepy Hollow in the form of an un-dead Weeping Lady, aiming to harm anyone in her path. Meanwhile, Katrina and Ichabod learn unsettling things about each other's pasts, and Abbie has some unexpected flirtatious encounters.

The personal cost of being a witness has to be incredibly tough. Forces beyond their control have been determining major parts of Ichabod and Abbie's lives for a long time. They have been chosen to battle against Moloch and the forces of evil. They make a wonderfully effective team. But they need allies as well. Moloch, Henry and Abraham have powers that Ichabod and Abbie are still learning about. The forces of evil are able to manipulate any bond that our heroes create.

Ichabod is especially happy to find a woman - Caroline - who shares his interest in the Revolutionary era and who provides him with new clothes. Sure, it's a dynamic she misunderstands as being romantic. And yet, Ichabod remains a perfect gentleman throughout. He values that friendship because it's something simple and he would really enjoy that in this world. But he is not allowed that kind of happiness because just by being friends with Ichabod places Caroline in peril. Henry has brought forth the Weeping Lady, a creature who lures her victims in by using her tears and then drowns them. If that wasn't enough to make the creature of the week terrifying, she also happens to be Mary, a woman who Ichabod was once engaged to before he moved to the colonies and met Katrina. She is incredibly possessive and is going after anyone who she sees as a threat to her love with Ichabod.

So, Caroline ends up in the river while Abbie and Katrina are separately attacked. It's in these personal connections that makes the plot of this episode engaging - especially when it comes to the Ichabod and Katrina marriage. He has this immense love for her. And yet, she has lied to him many times - about being a witch in General Washington's army and being pregnant. She loves him too but will always use his position as a witness in order to justify her many actions and lies. All along she has been trying to protect him and his mission. They are finally able to be together again. They fight off Mary and send her back to the world where she came from. It's enough time for Ichabod to learn the truth about what happened to Mary in the first place and why Henry chose to bring her back to life. Back in the day, Katrina inadvertently killed Mary by getting out of the way and Mary tripped and fell down a cliff.

A second after learning that Abraham comes riding in trying to take off Ichabod's head again - and Katrina pleads for his life. He saved her and this wasn't a plot concocted by him and Abbie to rescue her. Katrina continues to tell Abraham what he wants to hear. She is also subtly putting a sliver of doubt in his mind about how much he can trust Henry. He brought Mary back as a way to hurt his parents. Abraham loves Katrina so that means their two agendas widely differ from one another. She has been able to use that to get a better standing in her current predicament. But I have to imagine it being hard on Ichabod hearing his wife say she is ready to commit to Abraham. Yes, he knows it's a part of her plan to gain his trust. But after everything the two go through during this hour. This couple's marriage is getting increasingly more difficult to live with - and yet both remain fully committed to the other.

Some more thoughts:
  • "The Weeping Lady" was written by M. Raven Metzner and directed by Larry Teng.
  • The scene in the library with Mary trying to pull Abbie under was brutal and massively effective.
  • Hawley continues to be largely unnecessary. The device he gives Ichabod doesn't even work against Mary. And now, he is flirting with both Abbie and Jenny. Don't really need that either.
  • How did Ichabod and Abbie get to the river before Abraham did? Was it because they knew the exact spot where Mary would drag her victims? Also how close was Katrina's place to that spot? She couldn't have survived that long under water - even with magic - but Ichabod and Abbie show up just a few seconds later.
  • It's interesting seeing how Moloch sees Henry as just a soldier in his war. Henry is the Horseman of War. And yet, he has personal issues that can sometimes distract him as well.