Tuesday, December 9, 2014

REVIEW: 'The Mindy Project' - Mindy Expects a Proposal But Gets Something Even More Valuable in 'Christmas'

FOX's The Mindy Project - Episode 3.11 "Christmas"

As the holidays approach, Mindy wonders if Danny is about to propose, and a case of mistaken identity leads Morgan on the perfect date.

The Mindy Project wonderfully set up the thought of Mindy expecting Danny to propose by the holidays during the episode in which he read her diary. And now, the holidays have come to the show and the thought of engagement is even more on her mind. Things have been going so well between Danny and Mindy this season. Putting them together as a couple is the smartest thing the show has ever done. Sure, they have their differences but she desperately wants to spend the rest of her live with him and vice versa.

The audience knows she has been expecting a proposal. This episode actually shows her trying to find out if Danny has purchased a ring. She gets her hopes up because she sees an expensive purchase on his credit card statement. She is willing to let her immense love for Danny keep her from an incredible new opportunity presented by Dr. Fishman for a teaching fellowship at Stanford. As the episode goes along, she realizes that he is not going to propose and thusly starts to take the new opportunity more seriously. She has a lovely Secret Santa present for Danny. Nothing quite like Danny's dance for her last year. And yet, it's incredibly sweet and nice for her to put together a Ken Burns-style documentary about Danny. It's in that moment that Danny realizes just how perfect Mindy is for him. He rushes away to get a ring from his mother to propose to Mindy.

And yes, an engagement would be something Mindy really would love. She has made such a big deal about it lately. But Danny also realizes how perfect this fellowship at Stanford could mean for her career. She has really come into her own as a teacher to the interns. It would be eight months away from Danny and the practice. But it could push her forward in her career in many great ways. Danny sees what all of this could do to Mindy and understands that that is where she should be right now. An engagement is right too. And yet, Danny is happy to let Mindy go and learn more about the profession they love to be a part of. That is a great gift for him to give to her. That is what makes them a perfect couple. They could follow the normal timeline and simply get engaged. But they are not a normal couple and thusly this twist is exactly what could make their relationship stronger and more unique.

With all the great stuff in the Mindy-Danny aspects of this episode, the rest of it was just odd. Danny sets Peter up with another doctor friend of his, Jessica (played by Julia Stiles). But wacky mistaken identity hijinks ensure leading to Morgan being the guy wooing her. It's all awkward because I thought the show was actually trying to do something weird and wacky by pairing Morgan with Tamra romantically. Tamra doesn't even appear in this episode. Her presence would have made that issue with this plot much more apparent. And yet, by missing out on Jessica, Peter is allowed to have a simple moment with Lauren again. They are clearly suppose to be together because Peter cares enough to remember stuff about her life and her son. Jeremy's relationship with Lauren has never been a focus for the season. Plus, he hates her baby. That makes this love triangle that much easier to decide who should end up together.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Christmas" was written by Charlie Grandy and directed by Paul Lieberstein.
  • Ken Burns himself makes an appearance in Mindy's video for Danny. That was unexpected but also a very pleasant surprise.
  • I loved Danny's reaction to Dr. Fishman's all-women staging of the Nativity scene. He simply could not understand it.
  • Jessica is a hoarder and Morgan thinks that's very cool. I'm sure that will help her deal with her problem, right?
  • As much as I love what the fellowship means for Mindy, what does it mean for the rest of the season? She won't be moving across the country halfway through the season and staying there for a few episodes, right? One or two is understandable. I'm just really curious how this arc will play out.