Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Development News - Paula Patton to Topline 'Runner'; 'The Bastard Executioner' Assembles Cast; Plus 11 More Updates!

Development News - February 24, 2015

ABC's The 46 Percenters, L.A. Crime & Runner; CBS' Code Black & Sneaky Pete; The CW's Cordon; FOX's 48 Hours 'Til Monday & Untitled Dana Klein; FX's The Bastard Executioner; and NBC's Chicago Med, Game of SilenceHow We Live & Problem Child

  • Oliver Platt (The Big C, Fargo) will co-star on the potential spinoff of Chicago Fire starring Yaya DaCosta and Laurie Holden. He will play Dr. Daniel Charles, the highly intelligent head of psychiatry.
  • Melanie Kannokada (The Brink) has joined the cast of the drama pilot written by Michael Seitzman. She will play Malaya, a doctor who is starting her residency in the busiest E.R. in the country.
  • Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted, Joey) has been cast on the comedy pilot written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley. She will play Natalie, Holly's best friend and a stay-at-home mom.
  • Angela Kinsey (The Office, Your Family or Mine) is set for a lead role on the comedy pilot written by Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer. She will play Marni, half of one of the couples who's a wife and mother.
  • Rob Riggle (21 Jump Street) and Jane Curtin (Saturday Night Live) have been cast on the comedy pilot written by Charlie Grandy. Riggle will play Charlie Bishop, an energetic, over-committed yet blindly confident father who relies on weekends to reconnect with his family and be the father he didn't have growing up. Curtin will play Louise, Charlie's mother-in-law who - along with her husband - lives with him and has a more relaxed attitude toward child rearing.
  • Margo Martindale (Justified, The Americans) is returning to CBS with a role on the drama pilot written by David Shore and Bryan Cranston. She will play Audrey, who with her husband is trying to keep the family bail bond business afloat when Pete shows up on their door step.
  • David Gyasi, Christina Moses, Chris Wood and Kristen Gutoskie will play the lead roles on the drama pilot written by Julie Plec. Gyasi will play Alex "Lex" Carnahan, a resolute, loyal and good-hearted police officer who's responsible for maintaing the cordoned area. Moses will play Jana, Lex's capable girlfriend, who's trapped inside the Cordon in an Atlanta office high-rise. Wood will play Jake, a former renegade turned cop and Lex's best friend. Gutoskie will play Katie, a 20-something grade school teacher and single mother trapped inside the walls of Atlanta Midtown Hospital.
  • Parenthood alum Erika Christensen has been cast on the period drama pilot written by Steven Baigelman. She will play Betty, a single mother who was suppose to be a killer's latest victim but enters a romantic relationship with him instead.
  • Paula Patton (Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocal) has singed on to play the lead role on the drama pilot - marking the first ever series commitment for the feature actress. She will play Lauren Marks, a wife and mother who had believed her husband had died in a plane crash, only to discover him alive, well and traveling with a mysterious woman who has stolen her identity. Thrown into a world of secrets and crime, Lauren finds herself running into Mexican cartels and people from her past she had hoped to forget.
  • Liza Lapira (Super Fun Night) and Brian Austin Green (Anger Management) will co-star on the comedy pilot opposite Jenna Elfman. Lapira will play Amy, Ellen's (Elfman) sister-in-law who stays at home and seems like she has the perfect life. Green will play Jack, Amy's husband, an undisciplined, laid back, rule breaker who pretty much does whatever he wants and doesn't worry about the consequences.
  • Lee Jones, Stephen Moyer, Katey Sagal, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Kurt Sutter, Sam Spruell, Darren Evans, Danny Sapani, Timothy V. Murphy, Sarah White, Sarah Sweeny and Matthew Rhys will star in the drama pilot. Jones will play Wilkin Brattle, a former knight who now lives a simply agrarian life. Moyer will play Milus Corbett, formerly a marshal in the army and now serves as Chamberlain, Chancellor and Justiciar. Sagal will play Annora of the Alders, who offers predictions, cures and potions. Spencer-Longhurst will play Baroness Lowry "Love" Aberffraw Ventris, a cunning ruler whose noble duties always conflict with her Welsh pride. Sutter will play The Dark Mute, the guardian of Annora who speaks rarely and never shows his face. Spruell will play Toran Prichard, an archer from the last major Welsh rebellion. Evans will play Ash y Goedwig, an orphan of the woods. Sapani will play Berber the Moor, an educated farmer who has converted to Muslim. Murphy will play Father Ruskin, a former solder who left the military for the seminary. White will play Isabel Kiffin, Lady Love's handmaiden and trusted confidant. Sweeny will play Jessamy Maddox, the executioner's wife. Rhys will guest star as Gruffudd y Blaidd, the leader of the Welsh rebels.
  • Bre Blair, Conor O'Farrell and Demetrius Grosse have been cast on the drama pilot starring David Lyons. Blair will play Jessie, who was in love with Jackson (Lyons) until they shared a horrific moment and is now with Gil (Michael Raymond-James). O'Farrell will play Roy, the former Warden of a boys prison and now the lieutenant governor of the state who is corrupt and self-serving. Grosse will play Terry, who works closely with Roy and now does a lot of his dirty work for him.
  • Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital, Guys with Kids) is set as the female lead on the comedy pilot written by Scot Armstrong. She will play the mother of a brilliant but mischievous child.