Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REVIEW: 'Justified' - Boyd Takes One Last Shot at Getting Avery's Money While Ava Tries to Save Herself in 'Trust'

FX's Justified - Episode 6.10 "Trust"

As Raylan puts more pressure on his CIs, Boyd makes a move on Markham's money, and Ava finds herself caught in the crossfire again.

It was easy to see Dewey's death at the start of this season as nothing more than just the show tying up one final loose end from last season's less-than-stellar plot. Dewey's disappearance really hasn't been a major focus of this season either. It is a thought in the back of Raylan's head but it's not something completely pressing for his attention either. He knows that if Dewey is indeed dead there's likely nothing he can do about it. He would much rather focus on the investigation that will actually get Boyd sent to jail. And yet, Raylan is smart enough to know that Boyd's story doesn't likely end up with jail. It likely ends with Boyd going out with a bang. And that's precisely what happens in the concluding moments of "Trust."

At first glance, you could see Ava's shifting allegiance from Boyd to Raylan as a dynamic that this season has really played up. In this episode, she is committed to helping Raylan. In this one, she doesn't know what to do and tries running away. In another, she's loyal to Boyd. And now, she is once again relying on Raylan. It's a back-and-forth dynamic that could be tiring. It really hasn't though because at the center of it is a strong character who is simply doing whatever she has to do in order to survive. Ava in prison was a storyline that never really worked at all. But the threat of her being sent back there has this incredible weight to it. That fear is what's driving every single action she makes this season. She has made some big moves as well. All of which culminates in the final moments of this episode where she steals Boyd's gun and shoots him in the chest.

It comes at the precise moment where Boyd believes he has everything he has ever wanted in this world. He was finally successful in stealing all of Avery's money. And now, he has it for both him and Ava to run away with to start a better life. They have the chance to leave Harlan and be happy together. Sure, they would always be looking over their shoulders. Raylan and the marshals will always be looking for them. Katherine isn't too pleased either that Boyd used her as bait in order to get Avery to bring the money. He is able to take care of the latter problem by outing Katherine as working against Avery from the start. Her secrets have been exposed. And yet, Avery had already suspected that because of Raylan. So why did he agree to the rendezvous to make the trade in the first place? I'm guessing he still has a ton of love for her despite the move she has made against him. She just never expected Boyd to turn on her and keep all the money for himself.

Raylan is a wise man. He knew that Boyd wouldn't take the predictable route in making a second attempt on Avery's money. His last plan didn't go all that well because of Zachariah's interference. So now, Boyd is desperate and running short on time. He knows that Avery will likely move the money but Avery is also aware that Boyd's plan failed. Raylan is aware of the situation as well. Time is not on Raylan's side. He has to rely on Ava and Wynn Duffy for information on what Boyd is going to do next. It's a connection that largely keeps him in a reactionary role. Boyd is the one making the moves and securing his exit plan with Ava through the help of Limehouse.

Because of Ava, Raylan knows what Boyd is planning to do and where he will end up with all the money. That's all that Raylan wants right now - to catch Boyd committing this big crime. He needs Ava to do so though. But why is Ava so forthcoming with all the details of Boyd's plans? Truthfully, she is scared of what Boyd may due to her. When Zachariah tied him up in the mines, Boyd figured Ava knew what her uncle was up to. And then, she saw Dewey's necklace. She never had that close a relationship with Dewey. But she also didn't want to meet the same fate as him. She now has the means to escape Harlan County with a new identity and millions in cash. It's an opportunity that is simply too good for her to give up.

So, Ava lures Raylan in with the idea that she'll get Boyd to confess to Dewey's murder. It's a very flimsy last minute move. Raylan agrees to it because this is the biggest move he can afford to make right now. Ava's information recently has been true and he wants to keep her out of prison. Letting her in on the knowledge that AUSA Vasquez is planning on revoking the deal they have with her is the thing that lights this fire within her even more. The threat of a return to prison is even stronger than before. She needs to escape this community right now. That grand confrontation scene is amazing in just how simple but complex it is. Ava really is giving Raylan exactly what he wants while she gets to drive away with what she wants. Sure, she isn't that knowledgeable on how to build a whole new life for herself. But she has money and that sure can help her get farther than the last time she ran.

Raylan will have the choice of whether or not to go after her. With both the money and Ava gone, this case he was been working against Boyd isn't that strong. They don't have any evidence or testimony that can land him in jail. That's of course granted that Boyd survives the bullet to the chest. This is the final season after all. It wouldn't be that surprising to see Boyd die. And yet, the specifics of his death can still be surprising. Him dying at the hands of Ava's was unexpected but completely earned because of the show's renewed focus on her needs as a character this season.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Trust" was written by Benjamin Cavell and directed by Adam Arkin.
  • Things aren't looking too good for Wynn as Mikey has listened to his criminal moral code and acted on his concerns by knocking Wynn unconscious and tying him up. He left a voice message for Katherine but she's a little too busy facing the wrath of Avery to deal with this other betrayal as well.
  • Avery plotting against Loretta is some pretty chilling and disturbing stuff. Apparently she still has a great aunt who is alive, and she's able to figure out Avery's game pretty quickly. And that then leads to her swift departure.
  • Boon making a big deal out of the waiter's hat was a tad weird. And yet, it goes to show just how unpredictable and menacing he can be. He'll listen and do whatever Avery wants him to do. But he could be just as dangerous on his own.
  • Carl and Earl's arrests felt like an afterthought, right?
  • So what are the odds that Zachariah is really dead? Ava didn't believe the story that he simply ran the wrong way when down in the mines. Will he still be causing chaos for the end of the season?