Friday, August 28, 2015

Emmy Predictions 2015: Who Will and Should Win for Writing in a Comedy Series?

The nominations have been announced for the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. Over the next few weeks, I'll be giving my predictions for who will win and who should win in several of the major categories.

Next up is Writing in a Comedy Series.

My Predictions for Who Should Win for Writing in a Comedy Series:
  1. Will Forte for FOX's The Last Man on Earth - "Alive in Tucson": The way that Forte was able to blend the outrageous humor of being the last person on earth with the despair and isolation that also came from that was magnificent. This pilot established the show so well as one of the most original comedies of the year.
  2. Jill Soloway for Amazon's Transparent - "Pilot": This show deserves all the acclaim it gets. It is an important series for the general public. But it's also a very intimate portrayal of one family as they come to grasp with Maura's identity. The pilot is wonderful. Soloway's voice is so crucial in making this show so compelling to watch.
  3. Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci & Tony Roche for HBO's Veep - "Election Night": The stakes had been built for the fourth season finale of the political drama. Resolution didn't necessarily come to the big race. But the humor and revelations that came from that were some of the most creative pieces of writing of the entire year. 
  4. Louis C.K. for FX's Louie - "Bobby's House": C.K. has written a number of compelling stories over the years that tackle sensitive issues. This episode is another one of those with its depiction of gender roles. It has a lot of smart things on its mind that then leads to a very devastating personal breakup for Louie.
  5. Alec Berg for HBO's Silicon Valley - "Two Days of the Condor": The show's second season once again had a very satisfying finale. It probably wasn't the best episode of the season. There's a part in the middle that didn't work all that well for me. But it still did a number of things very well.
  6. David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik for Showtime's Episodes - "Episode Nine": An episode of the inside showbiz comedy always gets into this race and I never know if it should be taken seriously as I do not watch the show.

My Predictions for Who Will Win for Writing in a Comedy Series:
  1. Jill Soloway for Amazon's Transparent - "Pilot": The series had an importance in the popular conversation over the last year. That importance needs to be rewarded in some way. This category seems the best primed to do so. The episode is a great starting block for the fantastic season that came after. 
  2. Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci & Tony Roche for HBO's Veep - "Election Night": This will be one of the many races in the comedy fields where it's Transparent vs. Veep. Both have legitimate shots at winning. They both have the wide support from the voters. I'm giving the edge to Transparent now. But that could very well change by Emmy night.
  3. Louis C.K. for FX's Louie - "Bobby's House": He is a two-time former winner in this category with another solid episode that could lead to victory number three. It's probably not as good as his winning script a year ago. But it still wouldn't be surprising to see him get another trophy.
  4. Will Forte for FOX's The Last Man on Earth - "Alive in Tucson": The show is a bit of an unknown in these predictions. It's very original voice helps it stand out. But four total nominations doesn't signal a lot of support across the ballot. It's a great script though. Will that be enough for it to win?
  5. Alec Berg for HBO's Silicon Valley - "Two Days of the Condor": The show didn't really grow at all in its Emmy presence for Season 2. That's a tad surprising and makes it seem like if something from HBO will win, it will be Veep.
  6. David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik for Showtime's Episodes - "Episode Nine": Again, every year they got nominated and every year they lose. I'm just not considering them all that seriously for the top prize.

Do you agree or disagree with my reasonings? Who do you think should and will win in this category? Speculate below in the comments!