Saturday, August 22, 2015

Emmy Predictions 2015: Who Will and Should Win for Writing in a Drama Series?

The nominations have been announced for the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. Over the next few weeks, I'll be giving my predictions for who will win and who should win in several of the major categories.

Next up is Writing in a Drama Series.

My Predictions for Who Should Win for Writing in a Drama Series:
  1. Gordon Smith for AMC's Better Call Saul - "Five-O": This episode packed the biggest punch of Better Call Saul's debut season. It can be argued that it was the best episode of the season. It diverted off the main narrative to shine a light on Mike's backstory. The end result was wonderful. Jonathan Banks was terrific but the way that the story actually unfolded was the true highlight.
  2. Joshua Brand for FX's The Americans - "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?": It is strange that this is one of only two nominations for The Americans' terrific third season. And yet, this episode is pretty amazing. It should have gotten Lois Smith on the ballot in the Guest category. The way the hour forced Philip and Elizabeth to look at the morality of their cause was phenomenal while still being devastating.
  3. Matthew Weiner for AMC's Mad Men - "Person to Person": Crafting a satisfying series finale for a much-beloved series can be hard. This wasn't my favorite series ending episode of the year. But it was still terrific and brought the necessary amount of closure for all the characters while keeping things very engaging and entertaining until the very end.
  4. Matthew Weiner & Semi Chellas for AMC's Mad Men - "Lost Horizon": This was yet another very strong episode from Mad Men's final run. It was the pivot point from what used to be to the end game for the series. It gave such powerful moments to a number of characters as they all embarked on something new. But the reflective moments really were the best parts.
  5. David Benioff & D.B. Weiss for HBO's Game of Thrones - "Mother's Mercy": From my perspective as a non-watcher, this episode had the most buzz after it aired. Granted, that makes sense considering it's the season finale. But people were talking about the developments that had happened - and they still are too. That longevity in the conversation is impressive.

My Predictions for Who Will Win for Writing in a Drama Series:
  1. Matthew Weiner for AMC's Mad Men - "Person to Person": Mad Men has won and been nominated so many times in this category over the years. It just seems like a fitting sendoff for the show to get one last win for the series finale. This seems like the strongest place where a Mad Men victory can happen this year.
  2. Gordon Smith for AMC's Better Call Saul - "Five-O": Over the last few years, the best episode has won in this category - Homeland's "Q&A" and Breaking Bad's "Ozymandias." Smith could easily follow in the footsteps of last year's winner Moira Walley-Beckett and win for the sheer quality of the episode and not the name recognition of the writer.
  3. David Benioff & D.B. Weiss for HBO's Game of Thrones - "Mother's Mercy": Support for the show is stronger than it has ever been before. That makes this writing team formidable opponents. But they still have to overcome the preconceptions that they are just adapting the books.
  4. Joshua Brand for FX's The Americans - "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?": This episode is fantastic but awareness of the series seems to be very low for Emmy voters. It's great that it made the ballot. But it seems like a long shot for the actual win.
  5. Matthew Weiner & Semi Chellas for AMC's Mad Men - "Lost Horizon": It's hard to imagine a scenario where this episode wins instead of the series finale. It could happen. It just doesn't seem likely.

Do you agree or disagree with my reasonings? Who do you think should and will win in this category? Speculate below in the comments!