Thursday, October 15, 2015

Development News - MTV Assembles Casts and Directors for Comedy Pilots 'Little Darlings' & 'Untitled Kaplan/Elfont'

Development News - October 15, 2015

MTV's Little Darling and Untitled Kaplan/Elfont Project.

  • Eliza Bennett, Taylor Dearden, Katie Chang, Nick Fink and Brandon Mychal Smith have been cast on the comedy pilot written by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Additionally, Amanda Lasher has come onboard as showrunner, with Rebecca Thomas set to direct. Bennett will play Jules, an effortless beauty who is living with a dark secret and balancing her picture perfect co-ed life with a new mission of redemption. Dearden will play Ophelia, a trust fund anarchist with sarcasm and wit to spare who becomes hell-bent on getting in on Jules' action. Chang will play Kennedy, Jules' sorority president and best friend who has noticed her friend pulling away from her. Fink will play Tyler, a charming and intellectual art major. Smith will play Haris, a whip smart law student and Ophelia's co-worker.
  • Scout Durwood, Jessica Rothe, Kosha Patel, H. Michael Croner and Dan Ahdoot have been cast on the comedy pilot written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. Michael Blieden is set to direct. Durwood will play Jordan, a brash, free-wheeling force of nature whose goal is to have the biggest all-female weed delivery business. Rothe will play Paige, a highly unlikely drug dealer who can't seem to find the right path to her idea life. Patel will play Jenee, a hip blogger who is painfully blase about everything in her life. Croner will play Chris, a sweet but romantically clueless guy who gets more than he bargained for when Paige delivers his stash. Ahdoot will play Robbie, a douchebag who fired Jordan from his dispensary and loves to rub his success in her face.