Friday, October 9, 2015

Development News - Jane Alexander & James Callis to Co-Star on 'Brooklyn Animal Control'; Lisa Gay Hamilton Joins 'The Wilding'

Development News - October 9, 2015

USA's Brooklyn Animal Control and The Wilding.

  • Tony and Emmy winner Jane Alexander and Battlestar Galactica alum James Callis have been cast on the drama pilot written by JT Petty. Alexander will play Vilhelmiina Tolk, the charismatic matriarch of a small community of Brooklyn werewolves. She is Den Mother to her people and, though she displays periods of razor-sharp lucidity, she's on a downhill slide into Alzheimer's, which could destroy the entire community. Callis will play Theodore, Vilhelmiina's youngest son, who has an easy charm that hides his calculating ambitions - chief among them his belief that, despite centuries of matriarchy, he could claim his mother's mantle.
  • Lisa Gay Hamilton (The Practice) has landed a recurring role on the drama pilot written by Silka Luisa. She will play Dr. Emily Bergom, a pharmaceutical researcher and mother of three who becomes desperate to assert her sanity when she begins to experience auditory hallucinations that place her family and career in jeopardy.