Monday, October 5, 2015

REVIEW: 'Faking It' - Karma, Amy, Shane and Liam Have to Explore Single Life Again in 'Faking It... Again'

MTV's Faking It - Episode 2.16 "Faking It... Again"

Amy and Karma pretend to be a couple one more time. Shane and Liam try to find their groove again.

Karma, Amy, Liam and Shane are all single now for the first time in what feels like a very long time - probably since the start of the series. They have all gotten their hearts broken. They are trying to move forward with their lives. They want to move past this heartbreak and find themselves again. They have changed as people since the last time they were all single. They desperately want to be those people who are unafraid of getting close to people. But they can't. They can't all find another person who understands what they are going through and accepts them. "Faking It... Again" hints that the characters may be finding new love interests soon. But their pasts and their close proximity to each other keeps them from feeling as emotionally stable as they want to feel.

Karma and Amy are asked to fake being lesbians again by Karma's mom. She has still been attending PFLAG meetings and talking about Karma and Amy's grand love story. The two of them are rightfully furious at her for continuing to perpetuate this lie. They have become friends again and are capable of doing this for her. But it's still a lot to ask of them due to the complicated emotions involved. Amy wants to believe she has completely gotten over her feelings for Karma. She blocked all of them out in order to be with Reagan. And yet, that doesn't mean they completely went away. The two of them have been such good friends for each other this season. They've rebuilt the trust in their friendship. Faking it again could jeopardize that by bringing back old feelings.

The same thing is also happening with Amy's parents. Amy is so glad to finally have a parent who supports her no matter what. Her dad is happy to go to this square dance with her. He is supportive in a way that is effortless and nonjudgmental. Her mom has always struggled with it. She is surprise that Amy and Karma are faking being lesbians again. It's all too complicated for her. Amy's dad feels the same way but he doesn't let it show. But both being at this event is forcing some of their family issues to come out. Amy really wants this relationship with her dad but she also recognizes how toxic the dynamic is between her parents. That's not healthy for anyone. During Karma's mom's big moment on stage, Amy runs away because it's not emotions she's comfortable dealing with right now. Her feelings towards her parents are important as well but she can handle those better because she has been for years now. She's more than fine with pushing her dad to take another job. If it means keeping the family together as it is now, she is willing to deal with seeing him less often.

Meanwhile, Karma has to share her wisdom with her mother about the cost of being liked based totally on a lie. Karma has experience with that. She obtained popularity simply because people thought it was cool she was a lesbian. It wasn't the truth and she dealt with the consequences once everyone found out what was really going on. And now, her mom needs to learn that same lesson. She can only start living a better life if she embraces who she and her family really are. She has to be the one to tell the truth. If people find out elsewhere, then she wouldn't be able to maintain her status amongst this community. Her big speech is very moving. She is able to share everything that she loves about her daughter. It's the truth this time. Just because Karma happens to be straight doesn't mean she doesn't support her or this organization any less. In fact, she is able to keep her position as President. And now, people actually like her for her.

Elsewhere, Shane and Liam want to get back to the players they once were. They were the best when it came to casual relationships. They had something real with Karma and Duke. That is seriously throwing them off of their game. They desperately want to get over these feelings by getting under someone new. But that's so much more difficult than it was in the past - especially with Karma and Amy at the same dance reminding them of those emotions. As much as they want to be, they aren't the same people they were at the start of the series. They struggle to get out of the house and away from the Xbox. When they're at the square dance, they can't connect with anyone. It is amusing to learn that Shane's mom, Jackie, is the one who made them into these people in the first place. She's the one who told them the philosophy of "getting over someone by getting under someone else." They may be on their way to finding new people but they have serious complications as well. Shane meets a cute guy who is also just getting over his recent breakup while Liam has a naked run-in with Shane's returning sister in the bathroom. It's awkward but makes for one very exciting future for all of these characters.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Faking It... Again" was written by Carrie Rosen and directed by Patrick Norris.
  • Now that Shane's mom and sister have been introduced, they are going to become more important on the show moving forward, right? They can add a really nice and funnt dynamic to the show too. Though things between Liam and Shane could become tense if Liam starts dating Shane's sister.
  • It's Liam of all people who gets to comfort Lauren regarding how overbearing her father is at the moment. He wants to be proud of her condition but it rubs her the wrong way every time. But at least her father cares about her - unlike Liam's parents.
  • Lauren finally hits her breaking point and decides to tell her father the truth about Farrah cheating on him with Amy's dad. And yet, Farrah decided to be the mature one and tell him the truth. That could break this family apart but at least the secrets will be out in the open.
  • Amy's feelings for Karma may be returning. Now that they've both grown and experienced the world is there any possibility of the two of them actually being together like that? Or is it completely hopeless because Karma is straight?
  • Mechanical bull? Yes. Human tumbleweed? No.
  • Karma: "Okay, let's be lesbians.... again."
  • Karma: "Can you believe that?" Amy: "I know. Like you could ever build a habitat."