Monday, November 9, 2015

REVIEW: 'Jane the Virgin' - Jane Decides Between Rafael and Michael But a Twist Changes All of That in 'Chapter Twenty-Seven'

The CW's Jane the Virgin - Episode 2.05 "Chapter Twenty-Seven"

Jane is ready to make a decision about her love life. Alba has taken the proper steps to become a citizen, but Xo's past might make it more difficult than anyone was expecting. Rogelio learns that Britney Spears is at the Marbella Hotel and he is determined to confront her about their past. Michael is so caught up in his ongoing feud with Rafael that he ends up in big trouble at work. Petra gets an offer from Milos she just can't refuse.

The best episodes of Jane the Virgin are able to take the audience on an intense emotional journey from laughter to tears with expert precision. That's especially true in "Chapter Twenty-Seven," the best episode of the second season so far. It features some phenomenal comedic hijinks in Rogelio's feud with Britney Spears and Alba and Xo getting high on marijuana. But it also had one very emotionally devastating roller coaster ride when it came to Jane's romantic life. The love triangle has dominated the early episodes of this season as Jane has been faced with a choice on which man in her life she wants to commit to forever - while still juggling the demands of parenthood. She made her choice in the last episode but things are also so much more complicated than just what Jane is feeling right now - to the excitement and heartbreak of all involved.

Jane realized that Michael is the guy for her at the end of the previous episode. Everything that has happened over the past year has distracted her from that thought but he is still constantly the one she wants to be with. She made that choice. Now she has to deliver the news to Rafael and Michael. It's a moment of clarity for Jane as she finally has peace of mind over this crucial aspect of her life. But it's also heartbreaking because she's breaking up the family unit she could have with Rafael and Mateo. No matter what, both of these men are going to be important in her life. Everyone has big emotions when it comes to their romantic feelings. That forces the guys to do things in one last attempt to win over Jane's love. But that also has the great cost of potentially pushing Jane even further away.

Jane wants to tell Rafael and Michael the truth regarding her decision. It's just so painful for her to do. Rafael already knows that he isn't the one. He overheard Jane admitting it to Xo through the baby monitor. He's devastated. Meanwhile, Michael is still working hard on the Sin Rostro case but is letting his personal feelings for Jane clout his judgment - which has serious repercussions for his job. Jane wants to share all her feelings regarding this sensitive subject. But she's also easily distracted by Britney Spears showing up at the Marbella, learning about Rogelio's feud with Britney, helping Alba become a U.S. citizen, and trying to figure out why Petra is marrying Milos. It's a busy and chaotic episode for Jane. One where she has plenty of reasons why she delays breaking the news to Rafael. But it's also one incredibly personal to Jane and her family.

Jane made her choice but she can no longer just think about herself and her own feelings. She has to place her son's needs above her own. She needs to protect him from the dangers of the world. That's primarily why she wants to help Petra with her tricky marriage situation. But it's also why Jane has to push both Michael and Rafael away in the end. They let their jealous rage get the better of them for a second. That led to a physical fight between them that shattered some glass and accidentally injured Mateo. It was in that moment where Jane's heart broke the most. Throughout the hour, she needed to listen to what the writing on the wall was telling her to do. It's difficult but it's what she has to do. She had to break the news to Rafael that he wasn't the one she was choosing. She had to be there to support her family during their latest setback. She also has to put a stop to her potential happiness in order to take care of her son. This fight happened because the tension in the love triangle escalated to the point of strong animosity towards one another. That's not a healthy environment for a child. Jane may love Michael but that's not enough right now for her life.

Jane will always have the support of her family. She can lean on them during traumatic times like this. They all started the episode so excited for what these next few days would bring. They would be the start of the rest of their lives. Alba would no longer live in fear of being deported at any moment while Jane could start building a life with the man she wanted to be with. One of those things is still on the path towards happening. The family is able to deal with the small hiccup of Xo having a felony conviction on her record in order for Alba to continue the green card process. But the only thing that can comfort Jane from the emotional turn of events that she experiences is holding her mother and grandmother close. It's heartbreaking that she can't pursue something that she really wants. But some space could actually do these people some good as well. This climatic moment was very dangerous. All of them will have to examine their actions and make some changes going forward. Those changes could affect Jane's decision. But right now, they all have some soul-searching to do in order to commit to a future that is just as happy as they desperately want it to be. 

Some more thoughts:
  • "Chapter Twenty-Seven" was written by Jessica O'Toole & Amy Rardin and directed by Jann Turner.
  • Michael did a pretty sweet back flip because he was so happy following that epic kiss with Jane.
  • Britney Spears' appearance in this episode is also very great. The humor of her squad following her around everywhere she went was hilarious while her feud with Rogelio created plenty of entertaining moments. It was just a misunderstanding where both were wrong. Plus, Jane and Britney dancing was a perfect moment.
  • Alba is furious that Xo has this felony on her record - especially if it's the one thing that keeps her from being a citizen. And yet, she also realizes that she is partially to blame considering she was so racked with guilt in the past when this incident occurred. But she should also know that she has been a terrific mother and grandmother who has been there for her family so many other times in life.
  • Alba and Xo are also able to handle the felony problem while under the influence. It took scare tactics they were only comfortable doing while high on drugs. When they tried reasoning with Xo's former boyfriend sober, he wasn't willing to do anything. By threatening his wall with spray paint, he would do anything.
  • It's pretty great that Alba speaks English in front of her immigration lawyer in order to have a better chance at becoming a citizen. Also, the show continues to nail subtle political moments by urging the audience to "Vote! Vote! Vote!" when it comes to changing immigration law.
  • That bonding moment between Jane and Petra was so good. Jane is largely concerned about Mateo's well-being when it comes to Petra possibly marrying Milos. But Jane also wants to make sure that this women - who has done some crazy things - doesn't marry an even more crazy guy. Jane knows that Petra has a soft side. The two of them could even become friends someday.
  • Madga also returns but will only speak to Jane. She shares the fact that Milos is an internet criminal who may be up to no good by marrying Petra. Jane and Rafael already suspected that but they also gave Petra a way out. Something she couldn't do because she thought she was being secretly recorded. Of course, that was only hiding the ever bigger reveal that Milos has brought a bunch of bombs into the country under the veil of the wedding.
  • It's nice to know that Luisa hasn't softened at all following being kidnapped. When she learns about Jane's decision, she urges for Rafael to play the cancer card so that she can't break up with him. Oh Luisa, please never change!
  • Michael only loses his cool with Rafael because he believes that Rafael told his superiors that he let Nadine go in order to save Mateo. Unfortunately, that's not even true. Some other witness came forward with the truth. Plus, Michael breaking into his captain's office in order to learn that could cost him his job. Of course, that's considering he makes it back to the precinct considering Nadine is waiting for him in his car with a gun pointed right at him.