Monday, December 14, 2015

MTV Gives Series Orders to 'Little Darlings' & Untitled Comedies from Nicole Byer, Deborah Kaplan & Harry Elfont

MTV has given series orders to three new comedy series this evening - Little Darlings created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson; an untitled project from Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont; and an untitled project created by and starring Nicole Byer.

"We're looking for creators and stories that capture the passionate voice of youth," said Sean Atkins, President, MTV. "Each of these very tonally and visually different series, represents a unique and provocative point of view and we're excited to bring them to life on MTV."

Official series descriptions:

LITTLE DARLINGS: Two unlikely friends take justice into their own hands and kick literal ass on their college campus. Jules comes off as the perfect sorority dream girl, but little do her red-cup-toting sisters known, she's got a completely different agenda come nightfall. Ophelia, your everyday stoner-hacker-hellion, has officially run out of effs to give, and when she discovers Jules may be the masked vigilante exacting justice on campus her interest in college life is re-energized.

The comedy stars Eliza Bennett, Taylor Dearden, Katie Chang, Nick Fink and Brandon Mychal Smith.

Series creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson will co-executive produce. Showrunner Amanda Lasher will executive produce with with Stacey Sher. Rebecca Thomas directed the pilot.

UNTITLED NICOLE BYER PROJECT: A young adult  is forced to move in with her sister and four kids in the suburbs after causing a fire in her New York apartment. "Aunt Nicole" will offer her own brand of advice to her sister's kids while trying to get her life back on track.

The comedy stars Nicole Byer, Kimrie Lewis-Davis, Sophie von Haselberg, Fahim Anwar and Rachel Wilson.

Nicole Byer will serve as a consulting producer on the first season. Christian Lander and Avi Gilbert will executive produce. 3 Arts Entertainment will produce.

UNTITLED DEBORAH KAPLAN & HARRY ELFONT PROJECT: Weed dealers Paige and Jordan see themselves as entrepreneurs. Their dope delivery app is quickly gaining popularity with foodies, celebrities and - the most particular and crucial consumer - hipsters. These two girls living in L.A. are desperate to succeed, find a romance and keep their clients happy and high - all with the least amount of effort possible.

The comedy stars Scout Durwood, Jessica Rothe, Kosha Patel, H. Michael Croner and Dan Ahdoot.

Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont will executive produce the series. Michael Blieden directed the pilot.