Thursday, January 28, 2016

Development News - ABC Picks Up Pilots for Five More Dramas and Five Comedies; CBS Orders 'The Kicker' to Pilot

Development News - January 28, 2016

ABC's The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez, The Fluffy Shop, Hail Mary, Notorious, The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport, Spark, Time After Time, ToastUntitled Meaghan Oppenheimer & Untitled Mackay/Weeks; and CBS' The Kicker.

  • ABC has picked up a number of projects to pilot today. The first is for an untitled drama written by Meaghan Oppenheimer. She executive produces with Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea. ABC Studios and Pacific Standard will produce. The project follows a ruthless Dallas divorce attorney's life as it begins to unravel when her emotionally damaged, love-addicted sister resurfaces triggering self-destructive tendencies and exposing long-hidden family secrets.
  • Next up at ABC is a pilot order for drama Time After Time written by Kevin Williamson. Warner Bros. Television and Outerbanks Entertainment will produce. Based on Karl Alexander's novel of the same name, the project chronicles the adventures of a young H.G. Wells and his time machine.
  • ABC's third pilot order today is for drama Spark written by Michael Cooney. He will executive produce with Ian Sander and Kim Moses. Warner Bros. Television will produce. Set in an alternate history where gas and coal fuel the world, the project centers on the battle for power between two rival families and a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both of their empires.
  • The network has also picked up a pilot for drama The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez written by Charise Castro Smith. Smith executive produces with Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. ABC Studios will produce. The project centers on Eva Sofia Valdez, an immigrant who rose from rags to riches. She is a Miami entrepreneur and a champion for immigrant rights - but her success is fueled by an insatiable ambition that could destroy her family, a vendetta against the lover who betrayed her, and ghosts from the past who threaten to reveal the dark sacrifices she made to attain the American Dream.
  • The final drama pilot order for ABC today is for Notorious written by Josh Berman and Allie Hagan. Berman will executive produce with Mark Geragos, Wendy Walker, Jeff Kwatinetz, Josh Barry, Kenny Meiselas and Brian Gersh. Hagan is a co-executive producer. ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television will produce. Inspired by the stories of criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and cable news producer Wendy Walker, the project is a provocative look at the interplay of criminal law and the media. It follows the professional and personal relationship between a charismatic attorney and a powerhouse television producer as they attempt to control the media, the justice system, and ultimately each other.
  • Moving over to comedy, ABC's first pilot order today is for hybrid Toast written by Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg. They executive produce with Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers. ABC Studios and Shondaland will produce. The project revolves around engaged couple Max and Paige who, over their wedding rehearsal dinner, have their eclectic family and friends give toasts recalling anecdotes about the couple - but flashbacks reveal that the toasts don't always get it right, as we watch the true story of their complicated, funny and relatable road to marriage.
  • The next pilot order at ABC is for single camera comedy Hail Mary written by Brian Gallivan. He will executive produce with Tariq Jalil and pilot director Seth Gordon. ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television will produce. Based on the Austrian series Braunschlag, the project centers on a young small-town mayor named Mary Wolf who has dysfunctional siblings, a dying father, disgruntled citizens, a nearly backrupt town and the mafia breathing down her neck. Only a miracle can help her. So, she fakes one.
  • The third pilot order for a comedy at ABC today is for an untitled single camera entry written by Hannah Mackay and Ed Weeks. Both writers will co-executive produce. Andrew Reich will be an executive producer. ABC Studios will produce. The project centers on an unapologetic lesbian and her best friend, a neurotic straight male, as they navigate their dysfunctional, co-dependent friendship and the world of dating.
  • The next ABC pilot order is for multi-camera The Fluffy Shop written by Gabriel Iglesias, Tim Doyle and Jay Lavender. The three executive produce with Joe Meloche, Becky Clements and Marty Adelstein. The project stars Iglesias as a stepfather and boss to his family and friends while he navigates his home life during the few days he spends off the road each week.
  • The final pilot order for ABC today is for single camera comedy The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport written by Sarah Dunn. She executive produces with Aaron Kaplan. ABC Studios and Kapital Entertainment will produce. The project centers on Katie, a (slightly) larger, strong-willed mother raising her flawed family of three in a wealthy town filled with "perfect" wives and their "perfect" offspring.
  • ABC isn't the only network ordering pilots today. CBS has also just given an order to The Kicker, a multi-camera project written by Jack Burditt. He executive produces with Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and David Miner. Universal Television, Little Stranger and 3 Arts Entertainment will produce. The project centers on an oddball athlete who drives family, friends and strangers insane after he unexpectedly finds himself cut from his professional football team.