Friday, March 4, 2016

Development News - Gina Torres Boards 'The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez'; Dan Bucatinsky Joins '24: Legacy'; Plus 12 More Updates!

Development News - March 4, 2016

ABC's The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez, Dream Team, Hail Mary, The Jury, Pearl, The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport & Untitled Meaghan Oppenheimer; CBS' Furst Born & I'm Not Your Friend; The CW's Riverdale; FOX's 24: Legacy, Charity Case & The Enforcers; and NBC's Miranda's Rights.

  • Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show, Veep) has been cast as the male lead on the comedy pilot starring Katy Mixon. He will play Jeff Otto, Katie's (Mixon) husband and father of three. He adores Katie and has absolutely no problem with the fact that she's a slightly larger sized woman. He is always reasonable, the voice of logic, and often the only barrier between the rest of the world and Katie's somewhat ill-conceived plans.
  • Suits star Gina Torres has been tapped to play the title role on the drama pilot written by Charise Castro Smith. She will play Eva Sofia Valdez, a strong-willed Cuban lioness who came to the U.S. with the clothes on her back, and has since built a mini-empire of beauty salons, cafes and even a successful law firm. She rules her businesses and her two adult sons (Raúl Castillo, Christian Ochoa) with an iron hand. She is hurt and humiliated when the man who loved then abandoned her years ago publicly spurns her. Intent on vengeance, Eva Sofia is offered help from three mysterious women of supernatural origin who exploit her outrage to their own ends. But once in their power, she may find it hard to resist their evil - and ultimately deadly - influence. Her casting is officially in second position to USA's Suits. Though it would also be practical for her to fulfill her series regular duties on that show for its upcoming sixth season and then transition to the new drama should it be ordered to series.
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins (Episodes) and Richard Masur (Transparent) will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Candice Bergen. Perkins will play Virginia, Pearl's (Bergen) self-reliant and unsentimental daughter who possesses both smarts and a dry sense of humor. She has always clashed with her mother and is currently not speaking to her. But when she learns Pearl is dying, she tries her best to be nice even though it won't be easy. Masur will play Len, Pearl's second and current husband, a retired plastics engineer, a sweet nerd who is interested in everything and everyone he meets. He clearly adores Pearl and is in total denial that she's got six months to live.
  • Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks, Love) has booked a regular role on the drama pilot based on the Archie Comics characters. She will play Alice Cooper, Betty's (Lili Reinhart) mother, the editor of he local paper who is a steely perfectionist and places exceedingly high expectations on her daughter.
  • Charity Wakefield (The Player), Blair Underwood (L.A. Law) and Thad Luckinbill (The Young and the Restless) have joined the cast of the drama pilot written by Meaghan Oppenheimer. Wakefield will play Jules, Gemma's young sister who is manic, emotionally unstable and lacking any trace of a filter. Underwood will play James, Gemma's boss and sometimes lover. He was Gemma's law professor and mentor for years, instilling in her a sense of cutthroat ambition. He's the one person unafraid to cut her down to size. Luckinbill will play Oliver, Gemma's trophy fiancé, the preppy trust fund kid with classic good looks.
  • Emmy winner Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal) has landed a regular role on the drama pilot starring Corey Hawkins. Coral Pena (Blue Bloods) and Charlie Hofheimer (Mad Men) have also been cast today. Bucatinsky will play Andy, a communication analyst at CTU who has enjoyed Rebecca's (Miranda Otto) trust and is unhappily paired with a bright, young, self-taught computer analyst, Gina (Pena). She is eager to prove that she's better than others. Hofheimer will play Marcus, Eric's (Hawkins) former partner in the Army Ranger unit who is now suffering from PTSD. 
  • Wanda Sykes (black-ish, Alpha House) is set for a regular role on the comedy pilot starring Justin Long. She will play Leslie, a competitive OB-GYN who has a passion for sports. She is excited to help her daughter land a spot on a nationally ranked soccer team. She's also upset that her wife, the artsy Michaela (Lindsey Kraft), doesn't share her same enthusiasm.
  • Sarah Baker (Go On) and Retta (Parks and Recreation) has been cast on the comedy pilot starring Casey Wilson. Baker will play Janice Wolf, Mary's (Wilson) older sister, an upbeat mess who doesn't realize she's a mess and is highly dramatic. Retta will play Ruthie, Mary's best friend.
  • Kelli Goss (The Young and the Restless) will co-star on the (formerly untitled) comedy pilot written by Dan O'Shannon, Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope. She will play Brianna, the youngest of the three legitimate children of Wayne (John Carroll Lynch) and Julie (Katey Sagal), who can add glitz and glitter to a public event just by showing up.
  • Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars) has booked a regular role on the comedy pilot starring Niecy Nash and Christine Woods. He will play Sean, a sexy and charming senior "code cop" in the office who doesn't take the job too seriously.
  • Monique Coleman (High School Musical) and Noel Fisher (Shameless) have joined the cast of the drama pilot starring Rebecca Breeds. Coleman will play Emily Ellison, one of the founding partners of the firm who is friendly, warm, even-keeled and the resident peace keeper. Fisher will play Jacob Mizrahi, another partner who is no-nonsense, curt and the eternal straight-man. He does what he has to in order to rein in his rage.
  • Brian Howe (Masters of Sex) and Jayne Taini (Ray Donovan) have landed regular roles on the drama pilot starring Archie Panjabi and Jeremy Sisto. Howe will play Reverend Jim Pyken, a religious man who will reference scripture in all of his arguments. But he's also an avuncular Texan who can crack a joke to ease the tension in a room, or use his charm while making a complex point. Taini will play Maria, a maternal grandmother who seems a bit dotty and irrelevant, but she's a lot sharper than everyone first assumes and makes some more enlightening revelations in the case.
  • Matt Cook (Clipped) and Grace Kaufman (The Last Ship) are set as series regulars on the comedy pilot starring Matt LeBlanc. Cook will play Lowell, a sweet, offbeat intellectual dad at Adam's (LeBlanc) school who is drawn to his "alpha male" vibe. Kaufman will play Kate, Adam's oldest child, a bright but hormonal teenage girl who initially is delighted when Adam takes over as the main caregiver of the family. 
  • Diona Reasonover (Clipped) has been cast on the comedy pilot starring Courteney Cox. She will play Kara, Hailey's new assistant at the charity foundation's headquarters. She is upbeat and idealistic to a fault and thrilled to have landed the job, but she's in for a rude shock after getting to see Hailey up close and personal.