Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Casting News - Adam Rodriguez Joins 'Criminal Minds'; 'Dimension 404' Adds Lea Michele & Robert Buckley; Plus 5 More Updates!

Casting News - June 8, 2016

CBS' Criminal Minds; FOX's Making History; Hulu's Dimension 404; NBC's Shades of Blue; Netflix's 13 Reasons Why; Showtime's Masters of Sex; and Syfy's Blood Drive.

  • Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami, Magic Mike) has been cast on the drama's upcoming twelfth season as a new series regular. He will play a special agent who is a member of the FBI Fugitive Task Force and joins the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
  • After appearing in the pilot as guest stars, John Gemberling (Broad City) and Neil Casey (Other Space) have been promoted to series regular on the upcoming comedy. Gemberling plays John Hancock, the boisterous, mischievous and hard-drinking founding father of America. Casey plays Sam Adams, the insecure, petty and emotional guy who will do anything to fit in with the other founding fathers.
  • Lea Michele (Scream Queens), Robert Buckley (iZombie) and Ryan Lee (Trophy Wife) will appear on the upcoming anthology series. In one standalone episode, Michele will play Amanda, a type-A woman who resorts to a matchmaking service after a messy breakup. She's paired with Adam (Buckley), who makes things weird but their split proves to be even messier than Amanda's first. In another episode set in 1982, Lee will play Andrew, a teen introvert and video game addict who is bullied by classmates.
  • Alan Ritchson (Smallville, Blue Mountain State) has booked the male lead on the upcoming drama series. He will play Arthur Bailey, a former cop who is now working for a private security company. He deplores the violence that is encouraged among his peers. He sincerely wants to help make this arid, quake-ravaged and dystopian world a better place, but during an investigation, he is forced to join the Blood Drive, an underground death race in which the cars run on human blood.
  • Being Erica star Erin Karpluk has joined the drama's upcoming fourth season in a recurring role. She will play Darleen Connolly, a patient who comes to see Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) when her sex life with her husband is in jeopardy.
  • Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Brandon Flynn, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Justin Prentice, Devin Druid and Miles Heizer have been cast in the lead roles on the upcoming miniseries. The series follows Clay (Minnette) through an emotional night when he receives a show box of cassette tapes from his late classmate and crush Hannah (Langford), after she recently committed suicide. On the tapes, which are mailed with instructions to pass along from one student to another, Hannah explains to 12 peers how they each played a role in her death, by giving 13 reasons explaining why she took her life. Flynn will play Justin, a star basketball player with a star ego. Navarro will play Tony, a loner who'll always stand up for what's right. Boe will play Jessica, Hannah's friend until a vicious falling out. Prentice will play Bryce, a frat-boy-in-training with preppy good looks. Druid will play Tyler, a photographer with a wandering lens. Heizer will play Alex, introspective, a little arty and deeply feeling.
  • After recurring throughout the first season, Gino Anthony Pesi has been promoted to series regular on the drama's upcoming second season. He plays James Nava, an Assistant District Attorney and Harlee's (Jennifer Lopez) love interest.