Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Development News - Bradley Whitford, Courtney B. Vance, Toby Jones & Brian D'Arcy James to Star in TNT's 'Civil'

Development News - June 15, 2016

TNT's Civil.

  • Bradley Whitford, Courtney B. Vance, Toby Jones and Brian D'Arcy James have been cast on the drama pilot written by Scott Smith. Whitford will play Grant Taylor, the Democratic candidate for President. He is a career politician who spent the past eight years trying to appear subservient as Vice President, cutting against his reflex to approach every relationship from a position of domineering aggression. He comes from a background of great privilege, but he works hard to mask this behind a facade of relatability and good humor. Vance will play John Thorne, the New York City Police Commissioner, an old-school, law-and-order cop who's unabashedly tough with one newspaper dubbing him "Iron John." As the nation's unrest spreads to NYC, he reacts with increasingly extreme measures, gradually assuming near-dictatorial power over the city he's sworn to serve and protect. Jones will play Otis O'Dell, a shock-jock host, a Brit who has taken American citizenship and prides himself on being more red-white-and-blue than most "native born" Americans. He's smart, verbally dexterous and charmingly abrasive, with a reflexive sense of outrage. As the national crisis he helps foment deepens, he will be forced to deal with his role in the unraveling of the Republic. James will guest star as Graham Beller, a very capable, reasonable but long-suffering news producer and sometimes wrangler. He is constantly towing the line between support and tough love for his anchor.