Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Development News - NBC Gives Pilot Production Commitment to Drama 'Salvation' from Warren Leight & Paul Haggis

Development News - August 2, 2016

NBC's Salvation.

  • The broadcast network has announced a pilot production commitment for drama Salvation written by Warren Leight (Law & Order: SVU). Oscar winner Paul Haggis (Crash) is set to direct and executive produce the pilot. Sony Pictures Television will produce. The drama begins on Fourth of July weekend. A summer storm unexpectedly intensifies and changes track to New York Harbor. Power goes out. Flood waters rise. Most Brooklyn hospitals are forced to evacuate. With few doctors on call, and without any warning, the recently downsized Our Lady of Salvation now becomes the borough's last viable trauma center. The project will be the first real-time hospital "extreme event" drama and will capture the life-and-death choices nurses, PA's and other front line caregivers make as they struggle to provide care and triage.