Friday, October 21, 2016

Development News - Eric Balfour, Jake Robinson & Ellie Gall to Star in Lifetime's 'A Midsummer's Nightmare'; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - October 21, 2016

Lifetime's A Midsummer's Nightmare and TNT's Let the Right One In.

  • Necar Zadegan (Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce) and Cameron Gellman (20th Century Woman) have been cast on the drama pilot written by Jeff Davis. Zadegan will play Sarah Church, a FBI agent who heads to the Canadian border after three border patrol agents are found, all of them exsanguinated. She soon learns that a remarkably sly and deadly serial killer has been carving a bloody swathe across Europe for the last decade, and as now relocated to North America. Gellman will play Kyle, an attractive bad boy who, despite appearances, is not a bully. In fact, he's quite friendly to Henry (Benjamin Wadsworth) who thinks he should try being a bit more aggressive with his teenage tormentors.
  • Daisy Head, Ellie Gall, Jake Robinson, Eric Balfour, Chelsea Gilligan, Paul Hauser and Casey Deidrick will star on the drama pilot written by Anthony Jaswinski. Head will play Elena, a young woman reluctantly drawn into a summer getaway-turned nightmare at Dreamland Retreat. Gall will play Hannah Becker, a popular social butterfly who has just run away from her rich fiancé, Daniel, to be with another man. Robinson will play Daniel Brooks, a wealthy yet stubborn attorney who is furious and heartbroken when he learns his fiancé has run off with his best friend to the Dreamland Retreat. Along with his brother Royce and his friend Elena, Daniel follows Hannah and Liam to try to win her back. Balfour will play Mark, a surfer staying at the Dreamland Retreat with his wife, Josselin, who begins to get more suspicious than concerned when strange things start happening to people. Gilligan will play Josselin, a down-to-earth and good-natured photographer with her own agenda. Hauser will play Nick Bottoms, the handyman at the Dreamland Retreat compound who has an odd philosophical outlook on life. Deidrick will play Liam, a working class man who falls in love with Hannah despite her being engaged.